How to make the basic cage of solar street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-11
The street lamp is originally made of extremely strong fine steel, so its surface will not be damaged by erosion due to wind and sun, so the cage used to fix the street lamp must need people to treat it strictly, the skeleton made of fine steel is wrapped around the foundation of the solar street lamp, which can ensure that the use of the solar street lamp can maintain a stable state. This design can not only ensure the output of luminous flux, but also better play the reflectivity of high-power LED street lamps to a certain extent. It can be said that it is a very clever light distribution technology, and its application effect is also very prominent. Once again, high-power LED street lamps use high-strength tempered glass as their mirror materials, thus giving full play to the effect of high-power LED street lamps. Because the LED itself needs to carry out constant current or current limit through technical means, otherwise it cannot work normally. The general LED lamp usually adopts a driving power supply to carry out the constant current of the LED, which makes the independent driving power supply more power-consuming, so this method is not desirable. The solar controller can set the time period, and the output current starts to work when the time period is set. In the application of solar street lamp, the power is adjusted. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of the LED lamp, such as adjusting the street lamp to 30W in the early morning and 15W in the late night to save energy, thus locking the current to meet the lighting requirements at night. 1: In summer, it is often attacked by strong winds such as typhoons. We must do safety inspection and maintenance work for solar street lamps and LED street lamps in advance before the strong wind strikes. It depends on whether the battery board and lamps all have the phenomenon of shaking, whether the street lamp is inclined, whether the foundation cage Bolt is firm, whether there is looseness, etc. The energy storage of the battery is also affected. We should test the previous battery in time and replace the solar battery whose capacity cannot meet the use requirements in time. 2: After the general street lamp construction is completed, the next step is to install the solar street lamp controller. The wiring sequence I suggest is to connect the load first, and then connect the battery. The controller waits for about one minute, and the load will turn on, indicating that the discharge is normal. Then connect the solar panel, and the controller detects that the solar panel is connected. If the lighting conditions are met, the controller will instruct the panel to connect and then turn off the load and start charging. At this point, the entire system is installed. 3: before pouring concrete, the flange plates of all embedded parts of solar street lamps must be corrected and fixed, the concrete pouring surface of the monitoring Rod Foundation must be flush with the flange plate, and the curing period after the foundation cage pouring is completed is 10-15 days. 5: place the base flange of the rod body on the flange plate of the ground cage, install the ground screw and fasten it. Measure the sag of the rod body in all directions with a level ruler, and insert a cushion iron between the two flanges to adjust the sag of the rod body repeatedly. 6: compared with the traditional street lamp, the installation of solar street lamp saves the work of embedded conduit cable, transformer installation, cable pulling, etc. Since the solar panel installed on the solar street lamp is a reason for the large area affected by the wind, the foundation of the solar street lamp must be firm, so when the foundation of the solar street lamp is embedded, the construction personnel can be based on the construction site conditions, it has the responsibility to question the irrationality of the installation site selection and stop the construction. 7: Place 1 ~ after the pit excavation is completed ~ 2 days, check whether there is groundwater leakage, select suitable cement strictly according to the solar street lamp foundation drawing, and select special cement with acid and alkali resistance where the soil pH value is high; Fine sand and stones shall not contain impurities such as soil that affect the strength of concrete.
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