How to prevent the phenomenon of dead lights in solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-24
Nowadays, traditional street lamps are gradually being replaced by solar roads. In the future, more areas will use energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly solar street lamps. As the light source of solar street lamps, LED light sources are basically used at present. In the process of use, we often encounter situations that are not bright. This is the phenomenon of dead lights of solar street lamps. So, how to prevent the phenomenon of dead lights in solar street lamps? The technical staff of Shenzhen source solar street lamp manufacturer will answer for you: the cause of the dead light of solar street lamp: 1. The failure of PN junction caused by large leakage current will cause the local dead light, and the whole light work will not be affected; 2. The internal connection lead of the solar street lamp is disconnected, causing the LED to have no current and generate a dead lamp, resulting in the whole lamp not working properly. How to prevent the phenomenon of dead lights of solar street lamps: 1. Prevent static electricity, which is a devil with great harm to LED lamps. Any problem in any link will cause damage to the LED, making the LED performance worse or even invalid. We know that the human body (ESD) Static electricity can reach about three thousand volts, which is enough to break down and damage the LED chip. In the LED packaging production line, scientific and standardized grounding design must be designed, and the grounding resistance is generally required to be 4 ohms, in some demanding occasions, the grounding resistance even needs to reach ≤2ohm. 2, try to use automatic welding equipment, if you use manual welding must strictly control the welding temperature, this is because the use of manual welding, if you use ordinary soldering iron, soldering iron temperature in 300- Above 400 ℃, too high welding temperature will also cause dead lights. The above is the explanation on how to prevent the dead light phenomenon of solar street lamps. The expansion coefficient of LED leads at high temperature is several times higher than that at about 150 ℃, the internal gold wire welding spot will pull the welding point apart due to excessive heat expansion and cold contraction, resulting in dead light phenomenon. Therefore, effective prevention of dead lights of solar street lamps is not only to protect the service life of street lamps.
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