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How to properly install solar street lights


In recent years, with the deterioration of the global environment, solar energy resources have been received more and more attention. At the same time, many countries are accelerating the layout of solar energy industry. Solar street light is a branch of solar energy applications. Nowadays, there are integrated solar street lights and split solar street lights in the market. Road Smart focus on all in one solar street light,which integrate solar panels, light sources, controllers and lithium batteries as a whole. One of the benefits of integration is convenient procurement, transportation, installation and maintenance. Speaking of installation, many people do not get much relevant knowledge of solar street lights, do not know how to install those lights. Thus, today Road Smart team will summarize and share some solar street light installation knowledge.

Site selection

1. Based on the direction of road and the position of light source, select the right direction of lamp. Please pay attention to the latitude of the place where the lamp is installed, and adjust the angle of solar panel. The tilt angle should be based on the local latitude, so that the solar panel can Maximize the absorption of solar light 

2. Solar street light must be installed in sufficient light and there shouldn’t be any obstruction shadow on the panel throughout daytime. In the northern hemisphere, the solar panel should face south; while the southern hemisphere is opposite. In somewhere near the equator, the panel can be placed in flat position.

3. solar lamps should not be too close to the heat source in case of reducing the lifetime of lamps.  

4.At night,there should be no direct light source above the solar panel in order to avoid misidentification of the luminaire control system

Road Smart-Solar Street Lighting System-how To Properly Install Solar Street Lights

1. Foundation embedded parts installation (demo diagram) 

Foundation pit: If the soil is hard, the ground should be excavated about 1 cubic meter of pit (depending on the height of the pole) before installation. If it is soft soil or has special requirements, the excavation depth is to be determined.

Road Smart-Solar Street Lighting System-how To Properly Install Solar Street Lights-1

1. inspection and testing; 

    (1) Check if the accessories are complete. 

    (2)Test whether the lamp is working properly. 

     Set demo mode, if the lamp work normally, it can be considered good. When test completed, please use the remote control to adjust the mode you want to set. 

2. assembly of lamp and solar panel (take solar flybird/nighthawk light series for example); 

    (1)Take three screws from top cover and secure the top cover. 

    (2)Take 6 screws from accessory bag, fix them to the solar panel. 

    (3)Adjust the angle of solar panel in advance and assemble the solar panel and the lamp head. 

    (4)The solar cell module should be firmly and reliably connected to the bracket. 

    (5)the output line of the component should avoid naked, and be tied firmly

    (6)The orientation of the solar panel should be set properly, subject to the compass pointing. 

    Note: the anti-slip screws should be tightened. 

3. assembly of the lamp and the pole 

    (1)Install the lamp head which has been assembled with the solar panel on the pole.  

    (2)Tighten 6 screws of the lock lever. 

    (3)Complete the installation

Road Smart-Solar Street Lighting System-how To Properly Install Solar Street Lights-2

The above is the installation knowledge of solar street lights, which is also a summary of Road Smart technicians experience in daily installation process. Hope these experience can help you install solar street lights in a proper way.