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How to protect street lamp against lightning


Solar street lights shall be installed with down conductors and ground grids, which constitute the external lightning protection system, avoid fire or personal safety accidents caused by direct lightning strikes. On the other hand, we can enhance the internal lightning protection system, and protect the street lighting system with technological methods, including setting voltage protection etc, which is helpful to prevent inductive lightning and other forms of over-voltage intrusion.


Usually, we could use the lamp pole as the lightning receptor in order to undertake direct lightning discharge and prevent lightning from directly hitting solar street lights. In addition, we can ground the lightning protection device and use the earth as the current loop. Please be noted the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω.


In order to protect the circuit, the photovoltaic DC lightning arrester can be installed. The lightning arrester is mainly designed according to the power supply voltage. In the thunderstorm weather, LED solar street light circuit may generate spurt voltage or spurt current due to electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, thereby affecting solar LED street light.

Above are some lightning and surge protection for the safe operation of led street lighting. You are welcome to contact us for more details.

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