How to reasonably regulate the installation spacing of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-10
When the solar street lamp is installed, the operator must perform the fixed requirements of the sample amount. The Source Code reminds that the standby line is very important when installing. It is necessary to refer to the street lamp packing to select the appropriate sheath line, in general, the sheath of the solar cell pack is 2*2. 5mm2, light sheath 2*1. 5mm2, and determine the length of the cable sheath. The solar cell module sheath wire should have enough allowance at the end of its connection with the solar cell module, and the other end must be at the bottom of the flange, the protective wire of the light source has enough margin in the end of its connection with the light source, and the other end must be long and flange bottom. The height of the light pole of the solar street lamp is generally determined according to the road width. The road width of the new rural construction is generally about 5 meters, and the height of the light pole can be 4-6 meters, the light source power range is 20- Within 40 watts, this can determine the irradiation range of solar street lamps, preferably not less than 15 meters. If it is a relatively wide two-way lane, the general width is more than 10 meters, and a lamp pole with a height of 8 meters can be used, with a light source power of about 40 watts. One: 8 meters solar street lamp installation spacing, in fact, there are still a few solar road lamps installed on the roads of the new countryside, and most customers will choose to install 5- The 7-meter solar street lamp is installed at a spacing of 10-About 15 is OK. Two: 7 m solar street lamp installation spacing, generally choose 6- 7-meter solar street lamp, when the road is 7 meters wide, if 7-meter solar street lamp is installed, the general spacing should be kept at 20- About 25 meters, especially one more solar street lamp should be installed at the corner, so as not to affect some lighting. Three: 12 m solar street lamp installation spacing, lamp pole must be hot galvanized inside and outside, so it will be safer. As for this installation spacing, the recommended spacing for a 12-meter solar street lamp is 30-50 meters, and the width needs to exceed 15 meters. The higher the light pole, the better the light source and the higher the configuration.
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