How to set the installation spacing of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-20
If the number of solar street lamps installed is often large, it will cause the overall price of solar street lamps to increase. The spacing is determined according to the nature of roads, such as factory roads, village roads, on urban roads, the power of led solar street lamps is 30 W, 60 W, 120W and 150 W. The width of the road surface and the height of the street lamp poles determine the distance between the street lamps. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the outdoor solar street lamps on urban roads is 25 meters-Between 50 meters. In the case that the light source is not very bright, the spacing can be slightly shortened, and the spacing can be controlled by 50 meters. The specific situation should be determined according to the customer's needs or according to the design needs. Solar street light is mainly used for road lighting, if the installation spacing is too large, there will be a piece of black within the main lighting range, if the solar street light installation spacing is too close, the number of solar street light use will increase, causing lighting waste. Solar street lamps installed in road communities are generally about 3. 5% high. 5 meters, for some corners, an extra solar street lamp should be installed to avoid blind spots of lighting. 1: After assembly, the lamp pole is set up, 5- A few people can lift the 6-meter-high light pole, if it is 7-The 8-meter-high light pole must be a crane. How to install the solar monitoring system -? According to the height of the lamp pole and the requirements of the manufacturer, we Kaiyuan lighting group, each set of lamps will be built according to the location of use and the size of the whole set of lamps, 2: how to install solar street lamps -? After the foundation of the assembly parts is built, the following parts will be equipped. The solar street lamp is an assembled product. You can assemble the parts first and fix the panel to the panel bracket, the battery board bracket is generally divided into two kinds of welding bracket and assembly bracket. The installation of the welding bracket is relatively simple. The battery board can be directly fixed. The Assembly bracket is assembled first, and then the battery board is fixed to the battery board bracket. 3: light pole components and easily worn accessories must be placed with soft pads to avoid unnecessary damage such as scratches during installation. Solar street lamps are easier to install than ordinary mains street lamps. In the process of installation, professional technicians are also required to guide, so as to avoid unnecessary damage and danger caused by improper operation of personnel. 4. Lighting mode: single-side light, cross-border light on both sides, symmetrical light on both sides, special roads such as T-junction and corner can be lit according to actual conditions. When solar street lamps are installed, carefully install it on the side of the road that does not affect traffic, to avoid collisions when pedestrians appear, causing safety accidents.
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