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by:Road Smart     2019-11-12
Indore: most of the lanes and other lanes except for a few main roads
Indore\'s driveway, also known as mini-
Mumbai fell into darkness after sunset without street lights.
Residents are dominated by hooligans, and women have had a painful time commuting after dusk, and in this city, crime charts have seen a lot recently.
Indore Municipal claims to have spent crores on lighting up the city, but the money seems to be lost.
After sunset, darkness and fear dominate the region of Indore, which is shown as a potential IT center for central India to attract global investment.
Despite the fact that Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC)
Spent quite a bit of money on making sure it was goodlit streets.
According to a report released by the coalition government on 2011 of urban infrastructure services in India, IMC can install street lights throughout the city at a cost of Rs 71.
According to the report, civic groups can install street lights at a price of Rs 366 per person.
However, IMC spent more than the above amount in just two years, but there are still no street lights in most parts of the city. For 2014-
15, IMC allocated Rs 45 in its budget for the installation of street lights on local, street and branch roads.
Over the past few decades, IMC has managed to equip about 45 locations with street lights.
Similarly, the federal government report states that the cost of street lamp maintenance for citizen groups is approximately Rs 8 per year.
According to the 2011 census, the population of Indore city is about 21 lakh, and the total estimated cost of street lamp maintenance work is Rs 1. 57 crore.
But IMC spends about Rs 25 a year.
Kishor Kodwani, a social activist who applied for PIL for street lamps, said in the newspaper that municipalities spent a lot of money on the installation and maintenance of street lamps, but many parts of the city fell into darkness after sunset.
\"Civic groups fool people in the name of street lights,\" Kodwani said . \".
Mayor Krishnamurari Moghe admitted that there are still no street lights in many parts of the city, but he defended civic groups, saying that they have added thousands of street lights in the past few years.
\"We light the intersection and the garden by installing the high mast.
The number of high masts in the city has reached 193.
\"More areas will be covered by street lights in the next few days,\" he said . \".
\"The installation and maintenance of street lights requires huge amounts of money and civic groups are trying to get some money from the state government.
\"IMC is also working to reduce maintenance costs and is actively considering the installation of solar street lights,\" he added . \".
Number of city street lights: 62,000 high mast lights: 200 street lights budget 2014-
Month: Rs corruption consultation cr group includes street lights: 40% cities in the total area: 320 square kilometers long road network: 1900 km cm Meghdoot Nagar Bajrang Nagar, Nanda Nagar, Nehru Nagar, babji Nagar, Janta colony, Chandan Nagar, Nirani nagar, Grater Brijeshwari, Veena Nagar, Ambedkar colony, Mahalaxmi of Wasant Vihar, Plan No.
Srinagar extension, Tilak Nagar, Manishpuri, Saket colon download the India Times news app for the latest city.
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