Industry popularization: what kind of solar street lamps are there?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-23
First, let's popularize the knowledge of solar street lamps. During the day, solar street lamps are controlled by intelligent controllers. Solar panels absorb solar light and convert it into electrical energy after being irradiated by sunlight, the solar cell assembly charges the battery pack during the day, and the battery pack provides power to the LED light source at night. Solar street lamps can be summarized as follows :(1)Lithium battery solar street lamp. (2)Battery solar street lamp. (3)Solar street lamp complementary to mains. (4)Solar street lamp with complementary scenery. (5)Solar street lamp with national characteristics. First, according to the working voltage of the circuit system of solar street lamp, it is divided into 12V system, 24V system, 36V system and 48V system. According to the classification of battery types, it can be divided into: lead battery solar street lamp and lithium battery solar street lamp. Two: wind and light complementary street lamp system: bring light to our life at night. Now the beautiful street lamps decorate the night of the city colorful. However, street lamps are a large consumer of electricity. Due to the long low-voltage power transmission lines of street lamps, not only the power consumption of street lamps, but also the power consumption of power transmission lines is very large. Three: specification classification according to the height of solar street lamps: 6 m solar street lamps, 7 m solar street lamps, 8 m solar street lamps, 10 m solar street lamps, 12 m solar street lamps, etc. Four: according to the type of light source classification: energy-saving high-power integrated LED, Rare Earth High-efficiency energy-saving lamps, can be configured according to customer requirements. Related Keywords: Solar street lamp manufacturers.
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