Installation area conditions of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-11
Everyone knows that solar street lamps do not need mains electricity, are quick to install, are environmentally friendly, etc. , but the use of the same solar street lamps also has its own requirements, and the installation conditions also have requirements for geographical location, in order to enable the solar street lamp to work normally and efficiently, let Xiaobian tell you about the installation area conditions of the solar street lamp: first, the altitude of the applicable area of the solar street lamp is limited, ordinary solar street lamps are suitable for areas within 2000 above sea level, that is, the entire central and eastern plain areas of China. Because altitude will also affect the use of batteries and lines. Secondly, solar street lamps are in-50 ℃-- 70℃ is the best to use, the temperature is too high to work properly, and the low temperature will also slow down its operation. Thirdly, the wind resistance level in the area where solar street lamps are used is level 12, that is, no damage will occur within Level 12 wind and should be available in China. Also, the solar street lamp has an earthquake resistance grade of 8, which will only be damaged in the event of a major earthquake. Normal areas will not cause problems. Finally, the solar street lamp can be used normally in areas where the humidity cannot be greater than 80%. If the humidity exceeds, the air humidity is too high, which will make the connection of electronic components affected by moisture unstable and affect the lighting of the system.
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