Installation process and basic configuration of solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-03-21
Solar street lamp installation process :(1)Determine the position of stand lamp; In the investigation of geological conditions, if the ground surface of 1. 2 meters is soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened; At the same time, it is necessary to confirm that there are no other facilities below the excavation position, and there is no long-term sunshade object at the top of the street lamp. (2) According to the road direction and the light source position of the lamp, select the light source direction of the lamp, and adjust the angle of the solar panel. The inclination angle takes the local latitude as the reference standard to make the solar panel meet the maximum irradiation area of the road surface. (3) Solar lamps should try to avoid being close to the heat source to prevent affecting the service life of the lamps. (4) After the construction is completed, clean up the residual sludge on the positioning plate in time, and clean the impurities on The Bolt with waste oil. Before the construction, wrap the bolt position with adhesive tape to prevent too many magazines from attaching to it and affect the installation progress. (4)Ambient operating temperature :-20℃ ~ 60℃. In a relatively cold environment, system configuration should be added appropriately. There should be no direct light source above the solar panel. In order to avoid misidentification of lamp control system and misoperation. (5) Inspection and test: Check whether the accessories are complete and test whether the lamps are working properly. According to the demonstration mode, the lamp can work normally and the lamp can be considered to be good. Test completed: please use the remote control to set the mode you want. (6) Install the lamp holder that has been installed with solar panels on the lamp pole, and the diameter of the lamp pole is 60- 70 MM, depending on the installation caliber of different lamps. Basic configuration of solar street lamp :(1)Usually the lamp pole process, Hot Galvanizing and plastic spraying process ( Cold galvanizing or galvanized pipe will rust in about 2 months, and it is easy to pose a threat to the safety of human life and property. (2) The lamp pole is an octagonal or twelve-angle conical Rod body, with a general height of 25, 30, 35 and other specifications, and the designed large wind resistance capacity can reach 60 m/s, each specification consists of 3 to 4 plugs. steel chassis with flange, diameter 1 m to 1. 2 M, 30mm to 40mm thick. (3) Duration of lighting: starting from 7: eight o'clock, Scheme 1: 'Keep lighting for about 8 hours, work at full power for the first 4 hours, and work at power for the last 4 hours and a half. 'Scheme 2' continuous lighting for 5 hours, using the brightness configuration of the first three and the last three, that is, the first three hours of full power is bright, and the last three and a half hours of power is bright '(4) The lamp pole, the color is usually Prynne, the lamp pole wall thickness and processing technology are also completely determined according to the provisions of the street lamp project, the deviation should be controlled within a reasonable range, solar panels, the light absorption conversion of solar panels produced by different manufacturers is different, and even many solar street lamp manufacturers in Henan have extremely low light absorption conversion rate due to greatly reducing costs. (5) The electric lifting system consists of an electric motor, a hoist, three groups of hot-dip galvanized wire ropes and cables. The lamp post is installed in the body and the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute. The unloading system consists of a guide wheel and a guide arm to ensure that the light plate will not move horizontally during the lifting process, and that when the light plate rises in place, the light plate can automatically fall off and be locked by a hook.
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