Installation skills of high-pole street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-02-19
The solar panel of the product is a fragile product. Customers cannot place heavy objects on it during installation. When installing the solar panel, we need to clear the outlet port behind the solar panel, and the wiring needs to pay attention to stripping the sheath wire, the multi-strand copper wire used in the solar street lamp needs to be tightened when we use it. If it is not handled properly, it will cause a short circuit and burn out the diode. LED has outstanding advantages in color rendering, energy saving and environmental protection, service life and digital controllability. With the rapid development of LED lighting applications in China, the price of LED street lamps will gradually decrease, and LED street lamps will be more and more used in road lighting as energy-saving products. 1: during the installation, the loading and packing list will be cleared in advance of all kinds of accessories. Because the lack of the same accessories can not be installed normally, it is necessary to check whether each accessory is damaged, or in a distorted situation, if any damaged parts are found to be replaced in time and problems are found only after installation, the workload of their own installation will be added. 2: when installing the high-pole lamp, an auxiliary lightning rod should be installed, so as to prevent harmful accidents in rainy weather and Thunder, be sure to pay attention to some professional installers when installing. 3: combined with some precautions of solar street lamp manufacturers for installation. Secondly, shock absorbers should be installed. Large vehicles coming and going on the road are easier to shake the ground.
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