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Installation tips of solar landscape light


Solar landscape light has high ornamental value, the visual effects of the luminaire are coordinated with the surrounding environment through customized shapes, colors and brightness. Such solar lamps are mainly used for night lighting and landscape lighting in urban roads, residential roads, parks, roofs, green belts, squares, pedestrian streets and more. The following are five tips for installing a solar landscape light.

1.Solar luminaires used for landscape lighting must have good performance. For example, the lamp should be suitable for long-term high-intensity lighting work, can automatically plan the discharge power according to weather conditions, can reduce the waste of light and save energy, have the characteristics of waterproof, windproof and durable.

2.When installing solar landscape lamp, the foundation construction of light pole should have sufficient strength. The built-in fitting should be reliable and perfectly match with the lamp holder. The installation place should also ensure sufficient sunlight, otherwise it may affect the use of outdoor landscape lamp.

3.To install outdoor landscape light on city streets, it should be noted with pole height, lamp specifications and other instructions, to ensure there is no adverse effects such as light pollution on passing vehicles, so as not to affect road safety.

4.By installing solar landscape lights in correct steps, its service life will be extended and lighting performance will be improved, so that these outdoor solar lights will be fully utilized.

5.Many solar landscape lights need basic maintenance work which is to timely check status of  led lights and solar panel. Damaged lamp should be replaced in time. Too much dust on solar panels will result in lower charging efficiency.

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