Integrated Solar street lamp assembly process

by:Road Smart     2020-04-10
Nowadays, integrated solar street lamps are widely used in new rural road lighting projects, which is convenient for people to travel and saves energy, and is strongly advocated by the state. Integrated Solar street lamp is a fast and convenient street lamp for installation, which does not need to lay complicated wires and saves installation labor costs. So, what is the integrated solar street lamp assembly process? Shenzhen source solar street lamp technicians answer for you: 1. Determine the installation location, avoid the shadow of obstacles such as houses and trees, and avoid reducing the power generation efficiency of solar panels, resulting in short working hours. If in the northern hemisphere, when installing the 'integrated solar street lamp' direction, make the solar panel face the South or the better light receiving surface as much as possible to obtain the maximum energy. If it is in the southern hemisphere, make the solar panel face the North or the better light receiving surface as far as possible during installation. According to the actual engineering needs, choose the best location for installation, and install solar street lamps along the road. 2, dig the foundation, according to the requirements to determine the size of the pit, before the foundation construction, first of all, should follow the requirements of local laws and regulations, survey geological conditions, if the surface is soft soil, then the excavation depth should be deepened. 3. Pouring street lamp base 2- After 4 days of curing, the next step should be carried out. During the solidification process of the concrete, it should be watered and cured regularly, and the concrete can be installed only after it is completely solidified. 4, install street lamp 1)Dismantle the packaging and check the accessories; 2) Connect the external waterproof joint and test whether the lamp can work normally; 3)Fasten the rear seat of the lamp to the appropriate height of the lamp pole; 4) After installation, please clean the dirt on the surface of the solar panel in time, and be careful not to have objects to block the solar panel. 5, complete the installation, regular maintenance in order to ensure the beauty and battery components can better receive the solar energy, you can clean the dust, leaves or other impurities on the battery components every six months. In areas with severe dust or harsh environment, the maintenance frequency can be shortened as appropriate. The above is about the integrated solar street lamp assembly process. The integrated solar street lamp is a combination of solar panels, LED lights and lithium batteries. Through the intelligent human body sensing system, it has low energy consumption, high use, high lumen, maintenance-free features. At the same time, the integrated solar street lamp is also easy to install and convenient to transport.
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