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International Exchange-The Application of Photovoltaic Technology


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Recently, with Government’s support from China and Myanmar, an international exchange conference, which focus on photovoltaic application technology, has gained a complete success in Yangon. By demonstrating advanced photovoltaic products and holding technical training seminar, this conference not only strengthen the communication and cooperation on photovoltaic application between China and Myanmar, but also create a good opportunity for the improvement of photovoltaic technology in both countries

Of course Road Smart was on that conference. More than that, considering Road Smart’s intelligent street lights represent the most advanced and qualified photovoltaic application products in the industry, our team was invited as the special guest to share related technical knowledge and our thinking about the solar industry with all attendees, who are scholars, professors and officials from Mandalay Technological University(MTU), Yezin Agricultural University(YAU), Department of Rural Development (DRD), Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation(MOLI), Ministry of Electric Power(MOEP), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Energy(MOE), etc

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Opening Speech

For the opening of the conference, head of the Ministry of Education(MOE) of Myanmar made an significant speech, in which he stressed that Myanmar and China as friendly neighbors are linked by mountains and rivers, the two countries’ people enjoy time-honored friendly exchanges.Speaking of energy, he points that with long sunshine time and sufficient light resources, Myanmar will solve the crisis of energy shortage more easily and cleanly by making the most efficient use of solar energy, which is also the reason why the government has promoted and supported the development of photovoltaic technology at all levels for the last few years. 

Technic Share

During the conference, Yin Zhenkun, Technical Director of Road Smart, summarized the development history of LED technology, lithium battery technology and photovoltaic technology, whose advancement greatly promote the development of solar street lighting. It’s been nine years for Road Smart to concentrate on technology research and apply the latest technology to solar street lights, which is the key why Road Smart can always provide customers with excellent lighting products. He also shows participants the future trends of photovoltaic lighting, which will meet low-cost and sustainable lighting requirements and bring a highly efficient and environment-friendly lighting solution for the world. He emphasized that the design of solar street light involves seven disciplines, which is so difficult that only truly powerful enterprise and talented team can make it come out and be perfect.And Road Smart have the strong capacity of designing and manufacturing the most professional and qualified lighting products for the countries along the Belt and Road.

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Product Share

In addition,Missy Liu, a team leader in Road Smart’s foreign trade department, talked about the advantages of smart solar street lights. There is no doubt that the solar outdoor lights will become more and more intelligent. So what about Road Smart? Well, the truth is our solar street lights have achieved lots of significant technological breakthroughs, by giving these products advanced attributes such as IoT technology, entertainment function, surveillance technology. With IoT solution, our solar street lights will play an important role in smart city. With entertainment module embedded, these solar lights can play music or broadcast by connecting to mobile phone, PC or microphone as you wish. With surveillance function, you can monitor the road or yard anytime in anywhere without any restriction. These are all amazing and practical functions, many of the participants show their interest on these innovative design. The atmosphere was electric, the response was good, and Road Smart earned lots of praise for the innovative spirit of the team and the practicality of the training content

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