Introduction of integrated solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-04-11
Integrated solar street lamps are widely used without its superior performance and benefits to users. Now more and more rural lighting projects choose integrated solar street lamps as lighting tools, so, the following source solar street lamp technicians introduce the situation of integrated solar street lamps: integrated solar street lamps, also known as Solar Integrated lamps, are high-efficiency solar panels, 3- Lithium battery with a long life of 5 years, LED with high luminous efficiency and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, anti-theft mounting bracket and other solar street lamps are integrated. 1. Working characteristics (Principle) The solar panel of the integrated solar street lamp converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in a lithium battery. The led lamp is controlled by an intelligent controller, charging under solar energy during the day and working automatically at night, at the same time, the human body intelligent sensing system can achieve energy-saving effect in an unmanned environment. All are fully automatic control with intelligent controller. 2. Main features: the integrated solar street lamp is a combination of solar panels, LED lights and lithium batteries. Through the intelligent human body induction system, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high use, high lumen and maintenance-free. At the same time, the integrated solar street lamp is also easy to install and convenient to transport. 3. Use and installation area: integrated solar street lamps can be installed in courtyards, residential areas, stadiums, highways, mining areas, parking lots, and any places requiring lighting, in which batteries provide lighting, solar panels store the converted electrical energy in batteries. 4. Main components of the product: the integrated solar street lamp is mainly composed of five components: solar panel, hardware kit, light source, controller and lithium battery. As long as these five parts are combined according to the needs of customers, the solar energy integrated lamp can be easily assembled.
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