Introduction of integrated solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-04-12
Integrated solar street lamps are also called solar integrated lamps, which are high-efficiency solar panels, 3- 6-year-old lithium battery, high luminous efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensor module, stored in lithium battery, integrated solar street lamp led lamp under the control of intelligent controller, charging under solar energy in the daytime and operating automatically at night, the human intelligent sensing system can achieve the effect of energy saving in an unmanned environment, all of which are fully automatic controlled by intelligent controllers. The integrated solar street lamp is also easy to be equipped and transported, and the battery provides lighting. The solar panel stores the converted electric energy in the battery. What are the product components: the integrated solar street lamp mainly consists of solar panel, Shell and lithium battery, LED lamp, human intelligent induction controller and lamp hoop. It consists of five parts: solar panel, hardware kit, light source, controller and lithium battery. As long as the five major parts of Henan integrated solar street lamps are combined according to the needs of customers. 1. The integrated solar street lamp has been upgraded in its design and performance. For example, the battery adopts high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery and high conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon battery, no matter it is the appearance, waterproof and the connection between parts, we have made great efforts. In areas with insufficient sunshine or continuous rainy days, the working time of solar lamps will be shortened or not bright. In this case, it is recommended to choose compensation with mains supply, solar Integrated street lamp with mains/solar dual power supply function. The charging condition during the day is 0 ~ At 60 ℃, the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced below 0 ℃, and will return to normal when the temperature rises. The discharge condition at night is- Natural 20 ~ 60 ℃, beyond this range will destroy the battery performance and greatly shorten the discharge time. 2: If it is in the southern hemisphere, the Sun panel faces the North when installing, and at the same time, it is necessary to avoid the shadow of obstacles such as houses and trees. The cleanliness of the surface of the solar panel will also affect the power generation efficiency of the solar panel, so its surface (Such as dust, leaves, oil stains, etc) It needs to be cleaned. It is recommended to scrub it regularly with ordinary detergent. 3. Energy conservation: solar light point conversion is used to provide electric energy, which is inexhaustible; Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation. The installation is simple, there is no need to wire or 'open the stomach' to dig the construction, and there is no concern about power failure and power restriction. 4: For Parks, family courtyards or some open areas where the lighting conditions are superior and the requirements are not very large, integrated solar street lamps with unique shapes can be used, it is safe to decorate the environment while satisfying the daily lighting. There are not so many cables, no electric shock, and accidents caused by fire.
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