Introduction of solar street lamp power generation system

by:Road Smart     2020-03-26
A charge and discharge controller with good performance is essential. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, its charging and discharging conditions must be limited to prevent the battery from overcharging and deep charging. At the same time, the solar controller should have both street lamp control functions, light control and time control functions, and should have automatic load control function at night to facilitate prolonged street lamp working hours in rainy days. What kind of light source to use is an important indicator of whether solar lamps can be used normally. General solar lamps use low-voltage energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamps, LED, HID and other light sources. LED as the light source of solar street lamp is already a trend. One: Solar street lamp battery, generally need to configure the battery system to work. The selection of battery capacity should generally follow the following principles: first, on the premise of meeting the lighting at night, store the energy of solar cell modules during the day as much as possible, at the same time, it is also necessary to store the electric energy that meets the lighting needs of continuous rainy nights. Second: inverter: in many occasions, it is necessary to provide 220VAC, 110VAC AC power, because the direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. The DC power generated by the solar power generation system needs to be converted into AC power, so DC-AC inverter. In some occasions, when a load with multiple voltages is needed, such as converting 24VDC electric energy into 5VDC electric energy. Three: the height of the lamp pole and the lamp shell should be determined according to the width of the road, the spacing of the lamps and the illuminance standard of the road. The appearance requirements of lamps are not high, and it is good to be relatively practical. Four: The solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system and the most valuable part of the solar power generation system. Its function is to convert the solar radiation capability into electric energy, or send it to the battery for storage, or push the load to work. Five: Battery: generally lead-acid battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-cadmium battery or lithium battery can also be used in small and micro systems. Its function is to store the electric energy emitted by the solar panel when there is light, and then release it when needed.
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