Knowledge of series and parallel connection in solar street lamp industry

by:Road Smart     2020-03-05
With the increasingly serious global energy problem, clean energy is becoming more and more popular. As a typical representative of clean energy- Solar energy is increasingly used in real life. Solar energy is an inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green and environmentally friendly energy. Using solar energy to generate electricity has the characteristics of cleanness, safety, relative adequacy of energy, long life and maintenance-free. Photovoltaic Energy is considered to be the most important new energy in the 21st century. Solar street lamps do not need to lay cables, do not need AC power supply, and do not generate electricity charges; Adopt DC power supply and control; It has the advantages of good stability, long service life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, environmental protection, economy and practicality, and has been widely used. 1: What is the series connection of the circuit? Series connection means that each component in the circuit is successively connected by wires. 2: What is the parallel connection of the circuit? In the circuit, all resistors (Or other electronic components) The input and output of are connected together respectively. 3: What are the characteristics of series and parallel connection? There are two more important concepts in series-parallel connection: current and voltage. Electric current can be likened to water flow. If the water pipe is fixed, the size of the water flow will be fixed. No matter how long you are and how large the water flow is, a water pipe is a string, in other words, the series current is constant. The voltage can be likened to the water pressure, if the water pipe is higher, the water pressure is greater. That is to say, the total series voltage is the sum of individual voltages. By the same token, if several water pipes are combined together, the water flow will be very large, that is to say, if the total current in parallel is the sum of the single parallel current; The voltages in parallel are the same. 4: The relationship between power and voltage and current? Power = voltage (V)* Current (I)5: series-parallel connection of LED lamps? For the LED lamp holder, the circuit is composed of LED lamp beads through a certain series and combination. Generally, the default ones are: 10 strings N and, 12 strings N and, 14 strings N and. Since everyone is the default, including the power supply, the commonly used ones are also 10 strings, 12 strings, and 14 strings N. So if you have some special string and combination: for example, 5 strings and 3 combinations, all work will have to start again. 6: the voltage and current of a single lamp bead? We generally say that a lamp bead is 1 W, in fact we let its voltage work 3. About 0 V, while the current is about 330mA. So power = voltage * current. 1W ≈ 3V * 330mAAnd what we usually call lamp beads is 1- 3W is universal, that is to say, the lamp bead can withstand a relatively large current. The above brief description must have a certain understanding of the series-parallel knowledge of the solar street lamp industry. If you have any questions, please consult the source code. Key words: Solar street lamp price.
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