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LED lighting application scenarios


LED lamps have many advantages such as high brightness, high efficiency, long-lasting durability, energy saving, and environmental protection, which are valued by many companies and institutions. The LED lighting can be roughly divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting according to different application environments. Indoor lighting is mainly based on home lighting and commercial lighting, as well as decorative lighting. In the field of outdoor lighting, LED lights are widely recognized, the industry of road lighting and landscape lighting have also developed rapidly in recent years.

Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting is widely used in various outdoor scenes. It expands the creative space of designers and can be well combined with urban street architecture, which is conducive to the unique characteristics of the city, bringing great social and economic benefits. Lots of modern cities have successful LED landscape lighting demonstration projects. According to statistics, the scale of the outdoor landscape lighting market in China is above 40 billion dollars.

Street lighting

The radiation forms of LEDs include Lambertian, side-fired, batwing and concentrating. In the field of outdoor road lighting, Lambertian and Batwing are more suitable according to design experience. Through the secondary optical design, led lighting can bring super excellent lighting effects. With the development of photovoltaic energy technology, the huge LED solar lighting market has been created. Solar street lights are simple to install and have a long service life. For many families, LED Solar garden lights are very convenient and can save a lot of electricity fees. In outdoor public places such as parks, once solar led street lights are installed, there is no need for manual control, and the outdoor solar lamps will automatically light up at night. For cities and rural areas without immature infrastructure, it is also very suitable to purchase LED street solar lights, no laying cable, no huge construction or maintenance costs. The clean pollution-free solar energy and high efficiency led lighting will greatly enhance people's happiness.

Road Smart-Led Lighting Application Scenarios
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