Main modes of solar street lamp products

by:Road Smart     2020-03-30
Solar street lamp products city roads, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, courtyards, residential areas, factory areas and other places requiring outdoor lighting. The biggest advantage of solar street lamps is to save energy. This product, which can convert sunlight in nature into its own energy, can indeed reduce a lot of electric energy consumption. Now after the development of the city's construction, the investment in street lamps is also more, and the amount of electricity saved by the application of solar street lamps for the country every day is very considerable. Many remote areas also have street lamps and other equipment. At that time, in those small and remote places, if there is a problem with power generation or transmission, the maintenance cost is very high, not to mention the street lamps that have only begun to be popularized in recent years, so we can often see that the street lamps on the roads in the countryside are always very economical. This kind of lamp has no accidental events such as electric shock and fire. It is convenient to install and simple. It does not need to be wired or 'open the stomach' to dig the ground, and there is no power failure and power restriction. One: charge the control point voltage evenly. After the direct charge is over, the battery will usually be held by the charge and discharge controller for a period of time to charge evenly, that is, 'Balanced charge '. The average charging time should not be too long, usually a few minutes ~ For more than ten minutes, it is harmful to set the time too long. For a small system equipped with one or two batteries, it is of little significance to charge them all. Second: the over-discharge protection termination voltage, the battery discharge can not be lower than the specified value of the national standard, although the battery manufacturers also have their own protection parameters, but in the end they still have to move closer to the national standard. Third: reduce the price of solar street lamps. The configuration of solar street lamps required after setting to automatic mode is not as large as that required for lighting all night, so the price of the whole solar street lamps is reduced. Four: The Life of the solar battery has a certain relationship with its daily discharge. If you keep the lights on all night every day, the battery will often discharge too much, the margin is too small and gradually vented, thus affecting the service life of the battery.
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