Main protection mode of solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-03-11
We know that the main energy source of solar street lamp is solar energy, so it is the most environmentally friendly street lamp, because it shines on the solar cell during the day, converting light energy into electric energy and storing it in the battery, then the battery is the LED of the street lamp at night (Light emitting diode)Provide power. Below, Shenzhen source solar street lamp technicians will analyze the main protection modes of solar street lamps for you: Mode 1, direct charging protection point voltage Direct charging is also called urgent charging, which belongs to fast charging, generally, the battery is charged with large current and relatively high voltage when the battery voltage is low, but there is a control point, also called a protection point. The direct charge Protection point voltage is generally also the 'overcharge protection point' voltage. The terminal voltage of the battery cannot be higher than this protection point when charging, otherwise it will cause overcharge and damage the battery. Mode 2. Average charge control point voltage: after direct charge, the battery will usually be held by the charge and discharge controller for a period of time to allow its voltage to fall naturally. When it falls to the 'recovery voltage' value, will enter the charging state. Equal charge, that is, 'Balanced charge '. The average charging time should not be too long, usually a few minutes ~ For more than ten minutes, it is harmful to set the time too long. For a small system equipped with one or two batteries, it is of little significance to charge them all. So. Solar street lamp controllers are generally not charged, only in two stages. Mode 3, floating charge control point voltage: generally, after the average charge is completed, the battery is also set for a period of time to make its terminal voltage fall naturally. When it falls to the maintenance voltage point, it enters the floating charging state. It is similar to charging with a small current. When the battery voltage is low, it will be charged a little. When it is low, it will be charged a little, and it will come one by one to prevent the battery temperature from continuously rising. For the battery, is very good. Mode 4. Termination voltage of over-discharge protection: battery discharge cannot be lower than the specified value of the national standard. Although battery manufacturers also have their own protection parameters, they still have to move closer to the national standard in the end. For the sake of safety, the 12V battery over-discharge protection point voltage is generally artificially added with 0. 3v is used as the temperature compensation or zero drift correction of the control circuit, so the over-discharge protection point voltage of the 12V battery is: 11. 10 v, then the over-discharge protection point voltage of 24V system is 22. 20V
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