Maintenance and cleaning methods of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-29
For solar street lamps, the most important thing is to clean the accumulated dust around the lampshade regularly. If the accumulated dust is not treated for a long time, the dust will affect the lighting effect of solar street lamps, it will make the whole light look particularly blurred. If there is too much dust on the solar street lamp, it will also affect the charging effect of the battery. If the supply of electric energy is insufficient for a long time, the light will be dim or not lit directly. 1: wind, rain, snow, or turn to immediately check whether the board is after the rainy season, the control room and the battery is indoor water, water, after the storm should check whether the equipment is working properly, its charge and discharge controller is damaged and so on. 2: when the weather is bad, check whether the connection line and ground wire of the battery board are in good contact and whether they fall off. Check whether the battery plate bracket is loose or broken. 3: The lighting of solar cell phalanx should always be kept clean. If dust or other dirt is found, wipe it gently with clean gauze water, and do not use hard objects or corrosive solvents to wash it. 4: If the length of the metal sun lamp can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, be careful not to wipe the power cord. 5: pay attention to the beauty of the solar street lamp post after installation. Starting from the foundation construction, the lamp position shall be controlled linearly based on the main line, and shall be reasonably changed according to the road design alignment. The lamp pole shall be straight, and the processing Weld and inspection port shall avoid the main direction.
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