Maintenance focus of solar street lamp system

by:Road Smart     2020-03-06
Solar street lamps are used for outdoor lighting. They often encounter high temperature, rainy, low temperature, rain and snow, so they are easy to cause short circuit from water to the controller. It is necessary to observe whether the terminals of the controller have water traces and rust, if it is very likely that the controller has been damaged, the battery voltage measurement has not been carried out. The battery voltage is lower than 10. 8 V, the battery has no power storage and needs to be replaced. Then check whether there is voltage and current output under the normal working condition of the folding day battery plate. If there is no damage to the battery plate, replace the battery plate. If there is no problem above, check the light source and only connect it to the light source for power supply, see if it is lit, replace the light source if it is not lit. Photovoltaic technology continues to open and update, and the cost of solar power generation technology continues to decline, making the cost performance of photovoltaic power generation more and more high. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government has increased its support and subsidies for the use of photovoltaic, and also pointed out a new way out for the new power of photovoltaic. With the deepening of the new countryside, the solar street lamp system, as an important project benefiting the people, has been more and more widely used. 1: whether a solar street lamp system can operate normally, equipment and equipment construction are very important. After the battery is connected, assuming the connection is correct, the indicator light of the controller will be on to indicate the normal operation of the controller. The controller detects that the solar panel is connected. Assuming that the lighting conditions are met, the controller will instruct the panel to connect and then turn off the load and start charging. This is the end of the whole system equipment. There are several points to be prompted at the time of the equipment. One is to wrap up the line after connecting a line to prevent the line from damaging the controller; Second, try to construct in the daytime, which can not only ensure that the system can be charged immediately after construction, but also detect whether the solar panel equipment is in place. 2: The lamp head flickers, causing the cause of this kind of failure, poor line contact, battery power loss, serious decline in storage power, and replacing the battery when there is no problem on the line. 3: When the light should not be on in the daytime, the light is on. Assuming that the controller indicates the condition of turning on the light again and there is no charge, check whether the voltage output from the solar panel to the solar access terminal of the controller is normal, assuming that the solar panel does not have an input voltage, looking at the solar panel circuit may replace the solar panel. 4: during the construction process, assuming that the load is connected well, the controller will indicate to turn on the light after connecting the battery, but the load is still not on, then check whether the load wiring is correct. Assuming that there is no undervoltage, check whether there is any wiring fault, resulting in the system judgment fault. In my early years, I encountered such a situation that when the user was wiring, the positive and negative poles of the solar energy were connected to the battery wiring of the controller, and the battery was connected to the solar energy wiring of the controller, the results led to the system to determine the fault, and has always been in an undervoltage situation.
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