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Pain points of traditional traffic street lighting


With the development of economy, the global car ownership has gradually increased, and the traffic accident rate has also risen. According to the survey, the number of nighttime road traffic accidents is several times that of the daytime, and the terrible lighting facilities is one of the main causes. At present, street lighting for traffic has the following major pain points:

Road Smart-Pain Points Of Traditional Traffic Street Lighting, Socreat Electronics                 
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1. the need to improve night driving and road safety. Obviously, the traffic volume of roads is getting larger, and road safety requirements are mentioned more frequently by media. However, due to regional and economic constraints, some areas lack high-quality lighting facilities, which have a certain impact on the safety of night traveling.

2. the high cost of the traditional electric power supply network. Limited by the economic cost of installation and subsequent regulatory maintenance issues, the outdoor lighting systems of most non-urban areas have not been established, especially in areas with complex terrain or weak economic conditions.

3. the maintenance of street lights is difficult and costly. The lighting facility management basically stays in the previous era, while nowadays outdoor street lamps are widely distributed and its total number is increasing rapidly. Due to the lack of information technology, the working status of street lights is unclear, which makes it difficult to achieve active service and guarantee service quality.

4. the energy consumption of traditional road lighting is high and the lighting efficiency is low. The high energy consumption makes people in some areas unwilling or can’t afford to use on-grid street lighting, which brings lots of inconvenience to nighttime traffic. At the same time, traditional street lighting lacks effective or flexible energy-saving mechanism, which makes it difficult to effectively reduce lighting energy consumption while ensuring lighting quality.

In view of the pain points of current traffic street lighting, we urgently need to establish new ways of outdoor lighting to ensure the safety of people's travel. To this end, Road Smart has launched a smart street lighting solution for green traffic. 

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