Precautions for daily maintenance of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-15
One: controller status indication :(1) Do not let hard or sharp objects hit the solar panel, otherwise the solar panel will be damaged. Maintenance of solar street lamps to prevent the lamp panel from falling from a height when an accident occurs. In order to facilitate maintenance, the lifting drive motor should adopt external, multi-Rod sharing, gear reduction mechanism; Double drum hoist, lifting speed is less than 2 m/s. (2) During use, the solar panel needs to be cleaned regularly (The time can be once every six months). Keep the surface clean, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency; (3)Do not let something in use (Such as branches, billboards, etc)Block the surface, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency. ; (4) When the solar panel is installed, it needs to face towards the south, and the inclination angle is generally close to the local dimension. II. Precautions for daily maintenance and use of lithium batteries :(1) Lithium battery waterproof joint note that the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed, the joint is tightened and placed into water; (2) The storage time can not exceed three months, to prevent the storage time is too long to cause the lithium battery to feed for a long time to affect the service life. III. Precautions for daily maintenance and use of LED light source. (1) In general, the bad ones are the light source and battery, and only the battery and light source need to be replaced. It is not necessary to replace the whole set. (2) The price of solar street lamp accessories is different. For example, the price of street lamp lithium battery is about 10 yuan/AH, and the price of polysilicon photovoltaic panel is 2 yuan/W (3) Regularly clean up LED light source lens dust or stains to ensure light output.
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