Price factors of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-30
What are the price factors of solar street lamps? Nowadays, solar street lamps are widely used in rural areas, because compared with the rural economic level, solar street lamps do not generate electricity charges and only need the cost of input, so it is widely used in rural areas. So, what is the price factor of solar street lamps? Price factors of solar street lamps-- Configuration, because there is no industry standard and national standard in the market now, resulting in a lot of solar street lamp light source size is not standardized to follow, so when we choose solar street lamp, it needs to be configured according to local actual requirements, but it can't be configured as big as you need. After all, the price factor of solar street lamps has a lot to do with the configuration choice. Since the ability of consumers and the target price are limited, the price positioning of solar street lamps in rural areas is relatively shallow, and the picture is to be able to broadcast and develop. Different customers have different lighting brightness, lighting time and rainy days for solar street lamps, so they need customers to give us their specific requirements, don't require much specialization at least to answer a few of our top priority questions, where is the first place to use? Which province and city should have a very clear answer. Secondly, provide us with the width of the road, or the height of the light pole. We calculate how many watts the light source is, and tell us the daily working hours of the solar street lamps in the countryside, what is the continuous rainy days of the last used land? Don't ask the experts, ask the local people to know the answer. When the customer provides us with the answers to the above parameters, the price configuration of the solar street lamp is obvious, followed by the accurate quotation. This process is necessary and is also the responsible attitude of the solar street lamp manufacturer, if the customer just wants to fool around, he can listen to the casual offer, but he needs to be reminded that you may bring bad results at the same time. Please be careful. Unlike ordinary street lamps, solar street lamps are only a matter of light source. An ordinary street lamp replaces 18w light source with 100w light source, and its overall cost difference is not particularly high; However, it is different to replace it with solar street lamps, because the cost of the whole set will increase exponentially. Because the solar street lamp is a set of system street lamps, each component will change with the corresponding number, and the same cost is constantly changing. Therefore, considering the price of solar street lamps, we adhere to the principle of preferential and practical configuration. Installing street lamps in rural areas generally requires low lighting demand. The most common ones are two configuration schemes, 5 m 20w solar street lamps and 6 m 30w solar street lamps, they can continue to shine even in rainy days 3-5 days.
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