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Road Smart-A Super Star At CESS 2018


Guess who also attended CESS 2018? You got it, it’s us---Road Smart. CESS is the abbreviation of CleanEnviro Summit Singapore. With the theme of “Transforming Tomorrow’s Cities with Clean Environment Solutions”, CESS 2018 provides a good platform for corporate and government leaders to identify, develop and share efficient solutions to address environmental challenges. Then of course you will see Road Smart in this summit. Actually, more than that, Road Smart is a super star in CESS 2018.

CESS 2018

At CESS 2018, we reserved a booth and displayed our intelligent solar street lights so that we can show ourselves to the world in a more direct and visual way. Our team members who participate in the summit are very excited, because the best solar outdoor lights are already here, and they can’t wait to introduce them to every visitors. The process of setting up booth consume a large amount of physical strength, but who cares? With the best intelligent lights products and valuable dream of “light up the roads with wisdom”, everything we have done is totally worthwhile. The only thing we weren’t very sure is that, “will there be many visitors coming to our booth?”

Road Smart-Road Smart-a Super Star At Cess 2018 | Solar Panel Suppliers

Road Smart

Well, the answer is “Yes”. After the exhibition starts, many groups of visitors stopped at our booth. Some of them are attracted by the unique design and fashionable appearance of solar lights, some of them stayed for the intelligent functions of street and garden lights and would like to know more in details. There are also some visitors who have learned a little about us before, and finally got a chance to communicate with us face to face... Very busy days! Maybe there are also some stoppers who are just curious why there are so many people attracted by this booth. Anyway, as we have always believed, good products speak for themselves. 

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Best Product

We are so proud that our intelligent solar street garden lights have aroused so many people’s interest. Lots of visitors are impressed by our innovative lighting technology and beautiful industrial design. With ten core technologies, our products are very advanced, competitive and practical. These Lights are very powerful and the luminous flux ranges from 500lm to 9600lm, which means they can be used in many scenes such as yards, parks, playgrounds, parking lots, sports venue and all types of roads, including highway, driveway, pathway, village road, etc. Our solar lights are equipped with functions of remote control, app control, intelligent power control, intelligent light distribution and so on. The IOT Version and Monitor Version are also available, which makes series such as Solar Flyhorse Light, Solar Nighthawk Light more intelligent. With achieved bluetooth music play function, products such as Solar Butterfly Light can also be the center of entertainment. In short, there are three basic characters of our products: high intelligence, high appearance, and high quality.

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