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Road Smart Solar Street Light Won Enterprise Innovation Record Award


Road Smart-Road Smart Won enterprise Innovation Record china Award, Socreat Electronics

On January 9th, 2019, the 17th Enterprise Innovation Record Conference was held in Shenzhen. The conference gathered and released the results of Shenzhen's enterprise innovation, aiming to promote the company's independent innovation and improve productivity. Since the launch of the event, many enterprises have been actively enrolled. After nearly eight months of competition, 30 innovative companies were commended. Among them, Shenzhen Socreat Electronics Technology Ltd. (with the brand of “Road Smart”) won the “Enterprise Innovation Record (China)” award for its outstanding advantages in innovative solar street lighting technology. Road Smart applies the Internet of Things technology to solar street lamps, effectively solves the problem of management and maintenance of street lights, and gives the "smart" attribute to the integrated solar street lights, which is a leading level in the solar lighting industry and is the first of its kind in China. In addition to Road Smart intelligent solar street lights, the award-winning include some well-known companies such as Huawei, BYD, Mindray Bio, and Han's Laser. 

In the context of the new energy era, Road Smart will not only continuously develop and design intelligent outdoor solar lighting products but also lead the solar lighting industry towards more intelligent and professional future. We are willing to join hands with all enterprises to firmly grasp the new opportunities and move forward with high ambitions.

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