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Seminar Highlights about solar street lighting industry


In order to improve the knowledge level of practitioners in solar street lighting industry and enhance the core competitiveness of market development, Road Smart team, with the Green Energy Industry Association and Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association, jointly hold a professional training for solar street lighting project managers, which covers photovoltaic industry knowledge, solar lighting product knowledge, project solutions, bidding knowledge and many other aspects.

Road Smart-Seminar Highlights About Solar Street Lighting Industry, Socreat Electronics
Road Smart-Seminar Highlights About Solar Street Lighting Industry, Socreat Electronics-1
What is the development trend of photovoltaic lighting?

With the current situation of environmental pollution and excessive energy consumption, more and more people are calling for the application of clean energy such as solar energy. In recent years, photovoltaic lighting has developed rapidly, and the solar street lamp market will reach 10 billion dollars in 2020. However, there are some pain points in the outdoor solar lighting industry, the photovoltaic lighting industry faces new development trends. From the aspect of solar lighting products, many lighting companies should upgrade their core technologies, and win the market by the technology. In terms of industry, the social division of labor continues to refine, engineering partners and suppliers should perform their own duties and become more professional. On the market, the distributed energy power supply will replace the centralized power supply, and the market will gradually develop smart outdoor lighting solutions. In one word, enterprises should upgrade their technology, services, and solutions. Only with technological innovation, service improvement and brand driven, enterprises could last for a long time and solar lighting industry could have a bright future.

How do companies do the finest product?

Enterprises should go deep into the market, clarify the product positioning, and understand the final needs of customers. Speaking of outdoor lighting products, what the users want, is not the parameters, configuration or power, but the qualified brightness. Therefore, solar lighting enterprises should focus on the core value of street lamps, increase the radiation quantity and light quality of solar street lamp through technological innovation, so as to bring better outdoor solar street lights to the market.

How do companies achieve quality control?

Companies should strictly monitor and control the production process. In order to more intuitively experience the production process of integrated solar street lights, the training participants go to visit Road Smart standard factory. The plant chief introduces that in order to manufacture the best solar street lights, the staff members operate strictly according to the production procedure. On the manufacturing process, strictly in accordance with IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, realize the whole process management and quality control. In addition, the chief introduces multiple professional equipments and build the national standard laboratory. At the scene, the training object also carries out the operation and witness the manufacturing level of high quality solar street lamps at close range.

How do companies solve user problems?

The market is changing, so are the needs of users. In order to seize market opportunities, enterprises should think about affairs from a customer's position in advance. The customer needs a package solution to lighting engineering projects, which should be worry-free and turnkey, and solve user’s problems in essence. 

This seminar not only helps deepen the understanding of the solar industry but also enable improve the professional level of the industry personnel and promote the development of the solar lighting industry in a stable and orderly direction. We believe the development of lighting industry requires the joint efforts of various enterprises. With the contribution from more enterprises, solar street lighting industry will have a bright future.

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