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Smart Solar Lights

Road Smart is leading solar lighting industry into a brighter and more intelligent future with the mission of “Light the road to wisdom”. Through strict quality control and continuous technology innovation, Road Smart set a new benchmark for intelligent solar outdoor lamp industry. Over the past years, Road Smart has achieved lots of technological breakthroughs in the field of solar lights, and obtained more than 120 patent certificates. Our intelligent solar outdoor lights are equipped with intelligent monitoring and control system designed by ourselves, which can monitor these outdoor solar lights in real time, automatically control and adjust their working conditions with advanced intelligent algorithms. In addition, Road Smart intelligent solar outdoor lights consist of ten core technologies, which are integration design, intelligent temperature management, intelligent microwave radar sensing, intelligent light efficiency management, intelligent charge and discharge management, intelligent mode control, intelligent power adjustment, intelligent cloud management, intelligent monitoring management and intelligent entertainment management. By applying these core technologies, Road Smart team effectively extend solar street lights lifespan, enhance the intelligent character of outdoor lights, and achieve better lighting performance. It should be mentioned that our solar street lights also have more advanced versions, such as IoT version, WIFI version, bluetooth version, network version, etc. Nowadays, Road Smart has formed rich product lines. These solar outdoor lights are exported to over 120 countries and regions, and are well recognized by customers with its high intelligence, high quality and high value features. At the same time, Road Smart has provided many professional industry solutions, such as green smart traffic lighting solutions, green smart scenic lighting solutions, green smart campus solutions, green smart new rural solutions, etc.


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