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Smart Street Lighting Solution for Green Traffic


Road Smart street lighting solution for green traffic integrates advanced photovoltaic technology, IoT technology, data communication transmission technology, and other related technologies into the effective lighting system. The goal is to intelligentize traffic lighting system, improve led lighting efficiency, ensure travel safety, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and enhance traffic system management. As we discussed before, there are several pain points in traditional traffic street lighting. So what problems can the smart solar lighting solutions solve?

Road Smart-Smart Street Lighting Solution For Green Traffic

1. increase economic efficiency. Solar street lights can maximize economic benefits with simple installation and maintenance, zero wiring, zero electricity bills and no need to be laid cables. Take solar street light (FH series) for example. Compared with the conventional LED street lamp, 1000 solar street lights save more than $ 45000 in electricity charges every year. Compared with conventional high-pressure sodium lamp, these outdoor solar street lights save as high as over $150000 electricity fees.

2.improve ecological benefits. The solution realizes the goal of energy-saving and emission reduction from three aspects of photovoltaic technology, LED technology and control technology.  With zero-emission and automatic adjustment, Road Smart solar street light greatly saves power resources and effectively extend lighting time. Compared with traditional street lamps, using 1000 FH series solar street lamps is equivalent to an annual reduction of 1 million tons standard coal consumption and 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, total green environmental protection.

3. improve management efficiency. Road Smart green traffic street lighting solution adopts the comprehensive management system with multi-channel data acquisition, data analysis, platform management, etc. The administrator can monitor the status of each solar street light in real time. And the outdoor solar lamps can automatically adjust the brightness, color temperature, lighting duration, etc, in order to better adapt to the current traffic environment, and realize the refined and intelligent management of the road lighting system.

4. improve maintenance efficiency. The lighting solution brings together the data information on all the components. The staff members can collect and monitor the traffic information, accurately locate the lamp and deal with the problem in time. With this solution, any large-scale road lighting system can achieve precise and refined management, making maintenance more convenient and simple.

5.achieve full coverage. Some areas cannot meet the needs of road lighting due to geographical conditions and financial constraints. Solar street lights are not subject to these restrictions and can be installed in any place as long as there is sunlight.

6. achieve data sharing. Through the Internet of Things technology, data information such as road conditions, traffic flow status, and solar street lighting status can be integrated, which can promote the progress of "smart city” and is beneficial to the environment, transportation, public safety, people's livelihood, etc.

Lighting is an indispensable part of road traffic. Road Smart green traffic street lighting solution can not only provide high-quality lighting environment but also provide diverse services for traffic participants, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and promote the city Lighting towards the direction of high efficiency, intelligence, and systemization.

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