solar-powered interior mailbox light

by:Road Smart     2019-12-11
My wife recently ran over one of our cheap solar lights and removed it.
The electronics are still intact and operational, so I decided to fix a small project that I came up with a few weeks ago. This project is renewed.
Using electronic devices in batteriespowered, solar-
Outdoor light for charging and installed in a standard US mailbox.
Before I started, I checked the USPS mailbox guide and did not see any provisions for such items. Here we go!
Carefully extract electronic and solar panels from the assembly.
If you can\'t keep everything intact, make sure you \'ve recorded the wiring connections you cut off. Electrically-
This system will be re-developed.
Connect exactly as originally.
Only this time in the mailbox.
My intention is to install the solar panels on top of the mailbox and put everything else in it.
I disconnected the wire from the panel so I could run the connection through a small hole at the top of the mailbox.
I found a project box in the store and found a surface
Installing the telecom box is just the perfect size for what I\'m doing.
AA battery is perfect for use!
Find a way to install the battery connection, keep the battery in place, and drill a hole in the box to place the light.
Arrange the wires as needed and stick things to whatever you think is appropriate.
You may want to test the kit when everything is OK to make sure it works (
Obviously, except for solar panels).
When you are satisfied, everything is ready, the cover has been opened, and it is time to put everything in the mailbox.
I picked a point at the back of the mailbox to install the lights and drilled a hole to pass through the light resistance and the wires of the solar panels.
The light resistance at the widest point is 9/32 \", so this is the size of the hole I drilled at the top of the mailbox.
Pass through the hole through the optical resistor and two solar panel wires and re-
Welding connection.
I chose to hot-
Glue the anti-photo film back to the window in the center of the panel as it is part of the original design.
I don\'t think it is necessary to deviate from this --
This is a perfect setup in my opinion!
At this point, if everything still works (
Please test the operation at each step! )
You should be ready to install solar panels to the top with siliconetype sealant.
I just had a silicone tube-based, clear-when-
So I put it on it.
I\'m a function-over-
The form is a bit of a guy and I\'m fine as long as it works. It\'s almost finished.
The rest is to put your new light box on the ceiling of the mailbox.
I used hot glue because I couldn\'t find the mounting tape.
It\'s not a good idea to get to the mailbox with both hands and hot glue guns.
I suggest installing light boxes with some double layers
Double sided foam tape or mounting tape for Car Trim. All done!
If everything still works, please install the mailbox and enjoy it!
This is the first time I have posted Instructure, and I hope I am clear enough about the process --
Let me know if I skip any major!
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