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Solar street lamp configuration

by:Road Smart     2020-03-03
Nowadays, it is of practical significance for the installation of solar street lamps, because solar street lamps can take advantage of the natural environment and have the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, beauty, low operation cost, intelligent operation, etc. The configuration of solar street lamps needs to be strictly required so as to ensure the lighting quality of street lamps. We have known the precautions for the configuration of solar street lamps before, the following Shenzhen source solar street lamp technicians explain the configuration of solar street lamps for everyone: 1. Controller selection: the controller is generally made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable, the charge and discharge controller takes into account both light control, time control, overcharge and overdischarge protection in its design, and can realize secondary energy-saving control and half-power lighting in a specified period of time. The battery can be 'Maintenance-free lead-acid battery'. Most of them are built into the control box with the charge and discharge controller. Second, the system configuration calculation: the formula for calculating the peak sunshine hours is, the peak sunshine hours = A /(3. 6X365) III. Determination of series voltage: The DC input voltage of the solar street lamp light source is used as the system voltage, generally 12V or 24 V. When the voltage of the solar module is 36 V, the battery voltage is required to be no less than 2/3 of the component voltage, so the voltage of the battery, controller and light source should be selected at 24 V. Four, the choice of lamps: the choice of lamps and lanterns mainly filter reflectance, illuminance, maintenance coefficient, the quality of road lighting can generally be measured by the three indicators of road brightness, uniformity and glare. Road lighting quality is shown in: 1. Brightness level: the average brightness of roads has different brightness requirements according to Road grades. Generally, the brightness requirement of the expressway and the main road is more than 2cd/m2, and the secondary road and the auxiliary Road or the residential road are relatively low. 2. Average illuminance: average illuminance refers to the average value of all illuminance on the road surface, which is the unit of illumination intensity and is generally expressed by LM. 3. Glare: road lighting should try its best to limit discomfort glare to a certain range, which is generally expressed by G value. Under normal circumstances, G = 7 v. Light source selection of solar street lamps: the selection principle of solar street lamp light source is a light source with high luminous efficiency and long service life, which is suitable for environmental requirements. The commonly used light source types are: three primary color energy-saving lamps, traditional nano lamps, electrodeless lamps, LED, etc. According to the current situation of the global environment, the national policy promotes that the most widely used solar street lamp light sources are electrodeless light sources and LED light sources. VI. Battery capacity calculation: the first choice is to determine the type of battery and the storage days of the battery according to the local rainy days. The rainy weather in the South is more, and the storage weather is generally 5-7 rainy days. Battery capacity calculation formula: battery capacity = Load Power X day working time X storage days ÷ discharge depth ÷ system voltage, where: battery capacity unit is AH; The unit of load power is W; The unit of daily working time is H; The unit of storage days is D; Discharge depth, generally take 0. About 8, the system voltage unit is V. VII. Capacity calculation of solar panels: for solar street lamps, the overall system configuration formula: P = light source power X-ray source working time/peak sunshine hours; Where P is the power of the battery assembly, in W; The unit of working time of light source is H. The above is about the configuration of solar street lamps. The solar street lamps are made up of solar panels (Bracket) , Battery, controller, LED light source, light pole and other parts, the price of solar street lamp is calculated according to the specific parameter configuration of each component above.
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