Solar street lamp manufacturers have some tips

by:Road Smart     2020-03-27
Nowadays, with the acceleration of the construction of the new countryside, we have seen the new look of many new villages, and the environment has been obviously improved. At night, it is no longer the dark wind at night, it was replaced by square dancing in the activity square and solar street lamps illuminating the road. Here, as the source code of the solar street lamp manufacturer, the solar street lamp technicians have some tips or suggestions for everyone: we mainly talk about the regular inspection of street lamps: use summer as an example, the hot weather in summer will cause water shortage as long as it is a few consecutive sunny days. Solar street lamp accessories cannot withstand the erosion of high temperature, and the failure rate will increase accordingly. As the role of such heavy lighting products can not because of the weather reasons do not work, which will cause inconvenience to our normal life, and even bring danger, the probability of criminal activities will also be greatly improved. In order to ensure the normal use of solar street lamps, it is necessary for the road administration department to regularly inspect the street lamps, especially for those who have a long installation time, and the years of exposure to the Sun are long, it is inevitable that there will be various minor problems. The most common is the iron rust, rust once it rains will appear a large number of molten iron, affecting the appearance and quality. If you don't work at night for no reason, if it is an individual phenomenon, then deal with individual problems and repair the accessories one by one until you find out the real cause and deal with it in time, if the configuration cannot be used for a long time, replace it. The application of taineng street lamps has been widely used in most cities in our country, especially in some tourist areas, construction occasions of road administration units, street lamp facilities in residential areas, etc. Moreover, the use of solar street lamps is very simple. It does not need to provide alternating current, nor does it generate any electricity charges. When in use, as long as the battery is fully charged, it can maintain the power energy for 15 days, therefore, many manufacturers of solar street lamps have emerged, so many people are very confused about whether to choose solar street lamps or Mains street lamps. Then you need to know your actual situation and needs, and then choose the corresponding products. First of all, we should understand our own installation environment: whether there are tall trees and buildings around the street lamps, whether the land is convenient for construction, and the service life of the street lamps. If the surroundings are relatively empty and the electricity consumption is far away from the city, it is recommended to use solar street lamp products- After 4 years, the product controller and battery will be replaced and maintained to ensure night use. If it is close to the city's electricity consumption and the height of the surrounding tree buildings is not conducive to the lighting of solar street lamps, it is recommended to replace it with commercial street lamp products. The initial installation process is more capital and manpower than the installation of solar street lamps, however, the subsequent use process is relatively stable. These are some tips about solar street lamp manufacturers. Solar street lamp is the most ideal road lighting equipment in everyone's daily life, and with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of social production, solar street lamps have been widely used. Solar street lamps have independent system control and do not need the trouble of laying lines, but there are many places to pay attention to, especially the maintenance of the system.
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