Solar street lamp manufacturers share installation technology

by:Road Smart     2020-03-27
Talking about the installation technology of solar street lamp manufacturers, solar street lamp manufacturers will help you! Solar street lamps are not only convenient to use, but also do not need electricity, so they are regarded as the first choice for rural lighting construction. Solar street lamp is a fast and convenient street lamp for installation, which does not need to lay complicated wires and saves installation labor costs. Next, source solar street lamp manufacturers share installation technology. 1. After excavation, the ground wire should be used to detect whether there are obstacles and underground pipelines. If there is any, it should be translated out of the way. The Solar street lamp manufacturer warned against brutal construction. 2, foundation pit laying 8 cm thick cushion. 3. The concrete used for foundation pouring should be processed and made in a centralized way, mixed evenly with a mixer, and transported to the construction site by vehicle. 4. When pouring concrete independent foundation on the cushion layer, it should be vibrating while pouring; The solar street lamp manufacturer reminds that before the pouring is over, the embedded parts of the anchor bolt should be buried, and the anchor bolt should be poured twice. 5, pay attention to the lamp pole on the basis of Bolt protection measures to prevent damage to the bolt. 6. Buried threading pipe (Protective tube) , Special personnel should be assigned to align the Foundation outlet hole with the battery outlet hole in time, and the upper port should be located in the middle of the embedded part, 5 cm higher than the concrete embedded part (So as not to water) , Try to avoid pre-buried threading pipe bending, its inner diameter shall not be less than 1 of the outer diameter of the steel wire hose. 5 times, if the protective tube is bent, it shall not be less than 2 times, and dead bending shall be avoided as far as possible. The lower port should be kept slightly inclined downward. The solar street lamp manufacturer suggests that the nozzle must be blocked by the East and West, so as to avoid the blockage of the threading pipe by pouring sediment and other debris into the pipe during the construction process. 7. After pouring, adjust the embedded parts horizontally and smooth the concrete foundation surface. 8. Before installing the light pole Foundation, find the verticality from two directions. Monitor the verticality during the installation process. The verticality deviation is not more than 5mm to ensure the verticality of the light pole. The above is the introduction of the installation technology shared by the solar street lamp manufacturers. The installation of solar street lamps requires the components of each part to be fixed, the solar panel to be fixed on the solar panel bracket, and the lamp holder to be fixed on the boom, then fix the bracket and the boom to the main Rod, and lead the connecting line to the control box (Battery Box). Before lifting the lamp pole, check whether the fasteners in each part are firm, whether the lamp cap is installed correctly, and whether the light source works normally. Solar street lamp is a fast and convenient street lamp for installation, which does not need to lay complicated wires and saves installation labor costs.
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