Solar street lamp wiring method

by:Road Smart     2020-03-18
When wiring, the current constant current output is guaranteed. Because the LED itself needs to carry out constant current or current limit through technical means, otherwise it cannot work normally. The method adopted by LED lamps is usually to add a driving power supply to carry out the constant current of LED, but this needs to bring about power loss, which makes the addition of independent driving power supply consume more power. When the street lamp reaches the set time period, the output current starts to work. The output power is adjusted in the application of solar street lamp. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of the LED lamp. 1: establish the installation position of the street lamp. According to the construction drawings and the geological conditions of the survey site, the installation position of the street lamp is determined at the place where there is no shading on the top of the street lamp, with the street lamp spacing of 40 meters as the reference value, otherwise, the street lamp installation position should be properly replaced. 2: Solar panels are fragile products. Customers cannot place heavy objects on them during installation. When installing solar panels, we need to clear the outlet behind the solar panels. The wiring needs to pay attention to stripping the sheath wire. The multi-strand copper wire used by the solar street lamp needs to be tightened when we use it. The outgoing line cannot be exposed. If it is not handled properly, it will cause a short circuit and burn out the diode. 3: build a battery box in the excavated foundation pit to bury the battery. If the excavated foundation pit is not wide enough, we will continue to dig wide to have enough space to accommodate the battery box. 4: Solar street light source, when installing the wiring, the lamp head will export two wires to facilitate the installation staff. According to the lamp head style, the wiring mode is different, but the positive and negative poles are the same, when using tape to wrap tightly, you should use your hand to pull it slightly to prevent it from falling off. 5. Pouring the pre-embedded parts of the street lamp Foundation: in the 1-meter deep pit excavated, the pre-welded pre-embedded parts are placed in the pit, and one end of the steel wire pipe is placed in the middle of the pre-embedded parts, the other end is placed in the place where the storage battery is buried, and the embedded parts, foundation and ground are kept on the same horizontal plane.
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