Solar street lamps suffer from quality pains! Don't make the only choice by price any more

by:Road Smart     2020-03-03
At present, the solar street lamp enterprises are mixed and the products are shoddy, resulting in the proliferation of solar street lamps 'without guarantee or after-sales service outside the year, and the rest of the year will become rotten and underworld. First, the service life of street lamps is only one year. Solar street lamps, a market segment of photovoltaic industry, can directly use solar energy to generate electricity, save energy and electricity, and do not need complicated and expensive long-distance transmission cables, at the same time, it has many advantages such as automatic operation and voltage safety, and has been widely and quickly used to replace traditional street lamps in the past few years. However, this market segment is experiencing a flash in the pan. 'Solar street lamps were removed after one year of installation' and 'thousands of street lamps were installed in a town in June 2015, six months later, the failure rate of lamps and lanterns reached 21% ',' some solar lighting waste projects in many areas have been replaced by ordinary mains lighting ', and more solar street lamp projects have forced maintenance every year, resulting in a large amount of waste of manpower, material resources and financial funds. For this phenomenon, some substandard products are mainly selected, without standards, quality inspection, after-sales, etc . . . . . . Second, the biggest feature of the solar street lamp industry at present is that the production process of the products is messy. Solar street lamp products are mostly pieced together, rather than independent research and development and production, and even many lighting enterprises do not have factories. These enterprises often cut corners and shoddy in the production process, thus bidding at low prices, resulting in the proliferation of low-quality and low-cost waste projects in the industry. Although solar street lamps mainly rely on solar energy to generate electricity in the process of use, which can save a lot of electricity, many projects are often implemented in the hope of recovering costs year by year by relying on the electricity charges saved in later use, if there is no warranty, it means that the huge investment cannot be recovered at all. 'This is a sunrise industry, which is full of countless hidden rules before it develops. 'According to reports, in this industry, many do not choose the products of regular companies, do not have professional and technical personnel, and do not have excellent management and technical capabilities. Engineering construction management cannot keep up, it has caused great pressure on the owners, and the quality of the project is not good enough, resulting in hidden danger projects and garbage projects. After the completion of the construction of many intermediaries and related households, there is not enough manpower, material resources and financial support, and there is no after-sales service at all. In order to avoid risks, changing the mobile phone number and changing the facade will leave the after-sales service, resulting in more and more solar street lamp 'orphan' products on the market, damaging the image of the industry and seriously damaging the interests of users, it also causes great troubles to the road safety of social residents. In the view of industry experts, the solar street lamp market is even better than the low-quality and low-price competition in the solar water heater industry. Customers should not make the only choice by price before purchasing products. They should have the necessary understanding of the products to avoid being cheated! Facing the chaos of the solar street lamp market, as a manufacturer of solar street lamps, Yuanchuang intelligent lighting calls on major manufacturers to resolutely resist hidden danger projects and garbage projects, to manage and protect this industry with a high sense of social responsibility and mission is a sunrise industry and an industry full of unlimited potential. Don't kill this beautiful industry in the cradle. ---------- Shenzhen Yuanchuang intelligent lighting Co. , Ltd. is a comprehensive solar street lamp manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales, provide solar courtyard lamps, integrated solar street lamps, lithium battery solar street lamps, rural solar street lamps and LED solar street lamps, and launch a new brand of Solar smart street lamps in 2016-Source code (RoadSmart). Its brand Source Solar smart street lamp has Moonlight lamp, Nighthawk lamp, flying crane lamp and source solar street lamp, which have been strongly recognized by peers, to learn more about the price of solar street lamps, you can enter our website to learn: http://www . socreat. Cn/can call us: 400-800-8526
However, with the increased prevalence of solar led street light manufacturers, it has become far more affordable.
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