Solar street lights for villages in the offing: Piyush Goyal

by:Road Smart     2019-11-09
The minister, who received feedback from a student from Thiruvananthapuram, suggested turning off the lights at the mall at night to save electricity.
To promote clean energy, the government is considering providing solar street lights for each village, and Andaman and nikobal will soon be converted into green islands to meet energy needs.
\"We are trying to make a plan through which we can bring these solar street lights to each village.
A preliminary plan has been prepared.
We will brainstorm, discuss it, and then submit it to the cabinet, \"when electricity minister Piyush Goyal interacts with school children across the country through video links at the National Energy Conservation Day event
He also said, \"I do hope that we will be able to launch a project soon under the guidance of Dean Dawar apadya graam Joti Yona (DDUGJY)(under which)
We can at least set up solar street lights in the main area (crossings)of villages.
The minister noted, \"The reality is that today we do not have street lights in rural India.
Although these villages have electricity supplies, it will take some time to make sure that the infrastructure needed for lighting through village street lights will take some time to build.
While announcing that the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will soon be converted into green islands, Goyal noted that there are lobbying groups selling diesel.
The minister also proposed to create a mobile app for auditing energy efficiency and said that with the help of the mobile app, each student could become an energy auditor (
For his home and others).
During the video conference, a student from the school of Shimla Bal Shiksha Niketan made suggestions on this.
The minister, who received feedback from a student from Thiruvananthapuram, suggested turning off the lights at the mall at night to save electricity.
Goyal also instructed officials to work with municipal companies to design ways to stop unnecessary energy waste in shopping malls located in urban areas.
After an interactive video conference with Goyal students, Goyal urged them to be the torchbearer of the government\'s energy conservation and efficiency campaign.
The Minister also launched a star-rated mobile app at this meeting, providing users with a platform to compare personalized energy-saving devices in the same category and get real
Time feedback from consumers and other stakeholders so that they can make informed purchase decisions.
Except for one-
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