Someone\'s knocked BBMP\'s lights out

by:Road Smart     2019-11-10
Palike set aside 21 rupees for the maintenance of the street lamp, but did not replace the fuse bulb.
A recent raid by Ward standing committee members
Horizontal public works have brought some light to the poor maintenance of urban street lamps.
The members of the committee only checked 4 of the 24 packages in the Eastern District of lumahanara Pamir, Burhart Bangladesh (BBMP)
, Found that all four bags are faulty.
A fine of 15,000 rupees due to negligence in the maintenance of street lights.
Maintenance of street lights within the BBMP range, including replacement of fusion bulbs with working bulbs, is within the BBMP range.
However, during the inspection, one of the five street lamps in the core area of the city like MG Road was found to have a fusion bulb.
Three light bulbs were found to blend near the Mayo Hall bus station near MG Road.
The contractor assigned by BBMP has not replaced the bulb for several months.
The newly added ward of BBMP is also suffering under the condition of insufficient street lights, and many residents complain to BBMP but have not succeeded.
Although the BBMP officer claimed that the maintenance street light was allocated 21 rupees, no action was taken in this regard. City-
Residents claim that the contractor mafias rules the world and BBMP can do nothing.
Due to the financial crisis facing BBMP, contractors are taking advantage of the status of BBMP.
However, the chairman of the committee affirmed that action would be taken.
\"I will give notice to all contractors to remind them of the need to properly maintain the street lights.
Many of them have neglected to replace the melted bulb or replace the damaged light fixture, \"said Basavaraju, chairman of the Standing Committee of Ward.
Public works BBMP.
People also complain that street lights are still on during the day.
This will increase the cost of the 10 rupees electricity that BBMP must pay to Bangalore Power Supply Co. , Ltd (Bescom)every month.
\"It will be disgusting to see the street lights on in the summer, because of the shortage of electricity, the load cut becomes inevitable.
In some cases, the street light is either turned on before sunset or not closed even after seven o\'clock A. M.
This is a pure waste of electricity, \"said the resident of Hemanth Kumar Maruthinagar.
With regard to the importance of using renewable energy, the preaching of government officials is not lacking.
Bangalore Development Council (BDA)
It took lakhs rupees to install about 150 solar panels for lighting on the underground passage near KR Circle, Sheshadri Road and Ramanamaharshi Road near the NCR.
However, no attempt was made to maintain these solar panels.
In order to save electricity and reduce the electricity cost of BBMP, solar photovoltaic street lamps have been installed.
Groupon handed over the installation of the street lights to a private company.
However, the authorities have not maintained these street lights for the past four years, with an estimated cost of Rs 30.
\"BBMP does not have a separate department or expertise to maintain solar street lights,\" said a BBMP official, who declined to be named . \".
Even after the handover of the unerpass of Palace Road, Ramanamaharshi Road and sashadri Road to BBMP, this is still the case.
It can be recalled that the then BBMP commissioner Shankaralinge Gowda promised to file a complaint with the police regarding the loss of solar panel batteries worth lakhs rupees, but his commitment is still only a commitment, because no complaints have been filed so far.
\"Abandoned solar lights are a typical example of how to tax
The payer\'s money was wasted.
It is very disturbing to see these abandoned solar street lights, \"said Nagaraja, a government employee.
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