Specification for spacing of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-07
The distance between solar street lamps is determined according to the nature of roads, such as factory roads, rural roads and urban roads. The width of the road surface and the height of the street lamp poles determine the distance between the street lamps. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the outdoor solar street lamps on urban roads is 25 meters-Between 50 meters. In the case that the light source is not very bright, the spacing can be slightly shortened, and the interval can be about 60 meters. The specific situation should be determined according to the customer's needs or according to the design needs. One: 6 m solar street lamp installation spacing, mainly the road width is generally about 5 m new rural construction Road, usually, the rural road traffic is not large, so generally use unilateral interactive light installation, it is suggested that the spacing of solar street lamps should be 15-About 20 meters, not less than 15 meters. For some corners, an extra street lamp should be installed to avoid lighting dead spots. 2: 4 m solar street lamp installation spacing, this kind of street lamp installation is mostly Road community, it is recommended that the distance of each solar street lamp layout should be 8 ~ About 12 meters. Because if the solar street lamp is too far away, it will exceed the lighting range of the two lamps, and the gaps that cannot accept lighting will be dark. Three: 12 m solar street lamp installation spacing, if the road is more than 15 m, it is recommended to use the symmetrical distribution of lights on both sides, the longitudinal spacing of the 12 m solar street lamp is generally recommended to be 30-50m For example, 60w split solar street lamps are a good choice, while 30w integrated solar street lamps are recommended to be 30 meters away.
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