Technical description of lamp pole for custom street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-02-27
The height of street lamp pole can produce 5- 15 meters, the main Rod is molded by a large bending machine, and the wall thickness is 2. 5- 5mm, the specific appearance and size are customized according to the user's requirements. GB699-88. Welding process, the whole rod body should be free of any cracking, leakage welding, continuous porosity, undercut, etc. , the weld is smooth and flat, no convex and concave ups and downs, no welding defects, welding flaw detection report shall be provided. Road street lamps are high enough to consider the total area requirements of radiation sources of many machines and equipment. Road street lamps are already very easy to be seen and discovered in street communities; There are also road lights with congenital advantages of electricity consumption. Lamp efficiency ( Luminaireefficiency, LOR--% Photometric distribution ( Candelaarray light distribution curve (CPD light intensity (Peakcandela illuminance (Illumination beam angle (Beamangle luminous efficiency (Lm/W full luminous flux. 1: The battery adopts lead-acid battery with a capacity of 38ah and a parallel connection of 2 capacity 20ah. The output power of the solar cell array is 25 ~ 35 W, solar street lamp energy-saving street lamp is the solar street lamp that we usually say. Its energy-saving performance is that solar energy-saving street lamp uses solar power panel to generate electricity and does not consume daily electricity; The light source of solar energy-saving street lamp uses LED light source. 2: The welding method of light pole is automatic subarc welding, which meets the requirements of GBl1345 Grade II standard. The lamp pole is fixed by threading and jacking wire. 3: The double-arm road lamp is a double-pick single fire lamp, and the motor vehicle lane lamp is 11. 5 meters, bilateral cross arrangement, spacing of 50 meters. The light source of Express Road street lamp is three light sources 120WLED street lamp, and the light source of sidewalk street lamp is Sanfeng source 80WLED street lamp. 4: the frosted glass lampshade of the street lamp should be scrubbed carefully with a soft cloth suitable for cleaning the glass; Or use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to scrub, uneven places can be wrapped with soft cloth chopsticks or toothpicks. Solar wind-solar complementary lamps have great requirements for panel technology. Below, we, Jiangsu solar street lamp manufacturers, will introduce in detail the panel technical requirements of solar wind-solar complementary lamps. 5: The lamp pole adopts hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment, the zinc layer is not less than 75 microns, the surface is practical and smooth, the color is basically the same, and the skin is not peeled after the hammering test. The plastic spraying of the lamp pole should adopt high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, the color should be agreed, the surface is smooth and smooth, the quality of the plastic layer is stable, it does not fade, does not fall off, has strong adhesion and strong ultraviolet resistance. 6: integrated street lamp work can not leave the Sun, please choose the appropriate product model according to the sunshine intensity of the installation site or the total annual radiation of solar energy, in the area of insufficient sunshine or continuous rainy days, the working time of solar lamps will be shortened or not bright. In this case, it is recommended to use mains compensation.
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