Technical description of solar street lamp battery Series connection

by:Road Smart     2020-03-12
According to the General Assembly drawing of solar street lamp structure, connect the angle steel fixing frame of solar panel with the upper lamp pole assembly, and ensure that all bolts are under uniform stress when fastening bolts. Some solar street lamps need to wear the sheath line when connecting the lamp pole and the angle steel fixing frame of the solar cell assembly. When threading, pay attention to protect the sheath line from damage. When the lower end of the upper light pole assembly is about 100mm away from the upper end of the lower light pole assembly, use nylon to tighten the sheath line of the upper port of the lower lamp post, and then use nylon cable ties to fix the fastened sheath line on the hook of the upper port of the lower lamp post assembly. Then insert the upper light pole assembly into the lower light pole assembly to the appropriate position, and tighten the bolts on the lower light pole assembly evenly until the requirements are met. Take out and smooth the sheath line in the lower port of the upper light pole assembly. Slowly twitch the thin iron wire at the lower end of the lower light pole assembly, and at the same time lift the upper light pole assembly at a suitable position to disconnect the connection of the thin iron wire to the sheath line. After the assembly is completed, it must be ensured that the fixed frame of the solar cell assembly faces the south of the installation site. In addition to the perovskite-CIGS solar energy combination, there are also scientists' research goals, low-cost, soft and flexible organic solar energy, creating a series of organic solar cells. For example, the University of Michigan developed an organic solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 15%and a life of 20 years in April. It not only meets commercial standards, but also has the opportunity to reduce the cost of solar energy again. First, the bare sheath wire in the lamp pole is connected with the lower end of the thin iron wire in the lamp arm assembly and wrapped with insulating tape, and the iron wire at the upper end of the lamp arm assembly is slowly twitched until the sheath wire is penetrated. Adopt bolts to fix the upper lamp pole assembly on the lower lamp pole assembly. During the fixing process, pay attention to avoid the sheath line being pressed. When fastening bolts, make sure that all bolts are under even force, after fastening, screw thread locking glue is used for locking. Second: according to the actual and geological conditions of the solar street lamp construction site, design and manufacture the solar street lamp pole Foundation and high pole Lamp Foundation to ensure a solid and reliable Foundation, special attention should be paid to the adaptation of the pre-buried Bolt and the reserved hole of the rod seat, accurate positioning, reasonable pre-buried length and external length, and proper protection of the threaded part. The elevation angle of the installation of lamps is to increase the horizontal irradiation range of lamps on the road surface, which will increase glare and reduce the brightness of slow lanes and sidewalks. According to the different requirements for illuminance in different traffic volume periods, the control method combining light control and clock control is designed. That is, when the traffic volume is large after dark, light all the street lamps to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles; After midnight, the light pole plan only thinks about the own situation of the stainless steel light pole and neglects the space of the cable head. Third, understand that the lamp holder of solar courtyard lamp is LED lamp. The thinness and thickness of its shell are a factor. The structure inside is aluminum substrate and aluminum plate, to compare the size and thickness of these things can basically determine the quality of the lamp cap. However, after actual use, it is found that the service life of outdoor plastic powder cannot reach 10 years or even 20 years, however, after three years of outdoor use of outdoor highlight plastic powder, the gloss on the surface of the solar street lamp pole will gradually dim and then begin to change color and remove paint. Poor quality plastic powder will completely change in less than a year. The disadvantage of outdoor plastic powder is its poor aging resistance. Four: the standby line of the street lamp, measure the length of each sheath line required from the solar street lamp structure assembly drawing. The sheath wire of the solar cell module should have enough allowance at the end of its connection with the solar cell module, and the other end must be long with the bottom of the flange, the protective wire of the light source has enough margin in the end of its connection with the light source, and the other end must be long and flange bottom. Five: wear the sheath wire, peel the prepared solar cell module wire, connect the battery module end with a wire stripper to peel the 30mm wire skin, pass the wire core through the hook of the thin iron wire and fold it back to tighten the wire core, then use insulating tape to fix the wire core and thin iron wire firmly, twitch the iron wire at the top of the lamp pole to take out the component wire and leave 500mm ~ 1000, fasten the assembly line plate at the bottom of the upper lamp post with 200mm nylon cable tie and put it into the upper lamp post, and fix the assembly line at the top of the upper lamp post on the lamp post. Be careful not to break the line during the threading process. Six: The sheath line is marked, the sheath line at the lower end of the upper lamp post assembly is stripped of the sheath skin with a length of about 200mm, and then the 'solar cell assembly' is marked at both ends of the sheath line of the solar cell assembly, at the same time must ensure that the identity clear is not easy to fall off. Fill in the street lamp nameplate neatly and accurately with steel seal size with clear handwriting. Seven: The well-designed LED street lamp emits clear light, and the accurately designed optical elements in the LED lamp ensure that the light shines on the position it belongs to, which means that less light is wasted. Battery-powered, maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed battery (Colloidal battery) Store electric energy without laying cables, AC power supply and electricity charges; DC power supply and control are adopted. Outdoor lighting companies share the maintenance skills of street lamp poles. Grounding protection devices and lightning protection devices for high pole lighting facilities must be routinely used before the rainy season every year. Eight: Decorative LED street lighting is growing, with the improvement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, lighting manufacturers can provide a wider range of decorative lighting options, can imitate the old-fashioned gas lamp lighting design and so on, it has great aesthetic advantages. Nine: Wrap and tie up the lower lamp post assembly, and the crimping part of the air film pad is 1/6 of its width (The 10) , The joint of the air film pad needs to be wound 3 times with remote power tape, and then wound with straw rope with a spacing of 100 10mm.
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