Technical treatment method of solar street lamp pole

by:Road Smart     2020-03-13
The first is the controller detection: the red light of the controller indicates that it is charging, the red light flashes to indicate that the battery is full, and the yellow light of the controller indicates that the battery has lost power and cannot be lit normally, at this time, if the battery line is disconnected and then reconnected, the light will be on. At this time, the controller detects that the battery capacity rises after a day of charging, not the floating voltage of the battery. 1: led light source: the light source can work normally under normal battery voltage. If the light is not on, the positive and negative poles of the lamp can be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery for testing. 2. The light pole is made of metal material, and the characteristic of outdoor working environment of solar street lamp is that it is inevitable for the light pole to rust or corrode after a long time, the surface of the lamp pole was hot-dip galvanized during the production, and the pre-treated parts were immersed in molten zinc solution to form zinc and zinc-iron alloy coatings on the surface, with the thickness of the zinc layer being 65-90um. The zinc layer of galvanized parts is uniform, smooth, free of burrs, drops and redundant lumps. The zinc layer is firmly combined with the steel rod, and the zinc layer is not peeled off or raised. 3: The lamp is also bright during the day. This kind of situation indicates: 1. The solar panel does not charge the battery through the controller during the day. Use 1 or 3 methods to detect the solar panel and the controller; When the controller is connected, the positive and negative poles are reversed, causing the components of the controller to burn down. 4: In terms of the safety of street lamp poles, if the surface of the lamp poles is not well treated, not only the street lamps will be damaged, but the most important thing is that passers-by will be in danger due to climbing, and the surface of the lamp poles can be treated very smoothly, users can rest assured to use.
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