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technological factor of solar street lights development


For the last few years, more and more people begin to compare solar street lights with traditional ones, discuss their pros and cons in details and finally decide to embrace the future trends, which is solar street lights, of course. But how does solar street light industry start? Today, we are gonna look at its technological factor.

As we all know, the working principle of solar street lights is not complicated. In the daytime, the photovoltaic cells convert sun light into electrical energy which is stored in the battery. At night the lamp automatically consumes the electricity power which is provided by the battery. It should also be noticed that controller is the key part of the working process. Thus a solar street light consist of 4 main components, which is controller, solar panel, lighting fixture and rechargeable battery. When we look back through the development history, we will find that the advancement of photovoltaic technology, LED technology and Lithium battery technology greatly promote the development of solar street lighting industry.

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