The difference between integrated solar street lamp and split solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-04-12
Because solar street lamps have different styles, and have the advantages of large selectivity, beautiful appearance, high-end products, convenient installation, energy saving, green and environmental protection, they are deeply loved by customers. Now, according to the installation structure of solar street lamps, solar street lamps are mainly divided into the following two types: split solar street lamps and integrated solar street lamps, which can be separated by name, what are the differences between specific integrated solar street lamps and conventional solar street lamps? Source code (Road Smart) The technicians will answer for you: 1. The price of street lamps is different. The price of split street lamps is much more expensive than that of integrated solar street lamps. Generally, it is 40%-About 60%. 2, the scope of use is different, according to the technical parameters of the split solar street lamp is generally mainly used for large roads, highways and other places with high demand for lights; Integrated solar street lamps can be used in streets, residential areas, factory areas, villages, county streets, village streets and other places. 3. Different maintenance methods the maintenance of split solar street lamps is much more complicated. When damage occurs, the manufacturer needs to send technicians to the local area for maintenance, during maintenance, it is necessary to check the faults one by one from the storage battery, photovoltaic panel, LED lamp holder, wire, etc; The integrated solar street lamp only needs to unload the lamp cap and send it back to the factory. 4, technical parameters different split solar street lamp technical parameters can be from 10- 80W or even higher can be used, such as: new rural solar street lamp series, in the configuration, according to the wattage, rainy days and other technical parameters to the corresponding configuration battery, photovoltaic panel size, controller, etc, it is also necessary to adjust the irradiation angle of the photovoltaic panel according to the actual installation; Integrated solar street lamps now generally have 10 w, 20 w, 30w and 40w wattage, each of which is the best configuration based on long-term experiments, like 3-6 M 20W New rural solar street lamp. 5. Street lamp composition different split solar street lamp consists of five parts: storage battery, led lamp holder, solar panel, controller and lamp pole. This kind of lamp pole must be equipped, and the storage battery is buried underground, through the electric wire in the light pole, electricity is stored through the photovoltaic panel during the day and the LED lamp cap is powered at night, because the storage battery is underground and is easy to be stolen. The integrated solar street lamp battery, led lamp holder and solar panel are integrated into the lamp holder, with or without lamp post; The above is about the difference between the integrated solar street lamp and the split solar street lamp. The integrated solar street lamp is not only loved by the villagers in the new rural construction, but also saves the later electricity cost and maintenance cost, solar Integrated street lamps will play an important role in the development of rural road lighting.
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