the power of music to ignite hope in haiti

by:Road Smart     2019-11-13
Haiti Port-au-Prince--
When Haiti ushered in a new president who happened to be a musician, we began to think about the power of music to change Haiti.
Music has long been a source of inspiration and a perfect incentive to create a better world.
As members of the rock band and leaders of the UN Foundation, we are a unique pair, but our goal is the same.
We are committed to helping the United Nations protect Haitian women and girls from violence after the 2010 earthquake, and we urge music fans around the world to do the same.
Nearly 3 million people were instantly homeless on a massive scale of seven.
A magnitude 0 earthquake struck Haiti on last January.
Survivors put tents and tarps on any open space they can find.
During our trip to Haiti today, we met with several women who represent nearly 1 million people still living in those countries.
It is called \"spontaneous settlement \".
\"The combination of darkness and a crowded environment has triggered a wave of gender --based violence.
Rape occurs almost every day in some of the larger camps.
To make matters worse, victims of sexual violence rarely go to justice.
However, relatively simple things can be of great help to improve the safety and welfare of women living in camps.
One of the most common requirements for camp residents is evening lighting so that women and young girls feel safer when walking to the bathroom on the edge of the camp.
Street lights help keep the will
So the UN Foundation and other partners are working directly with camp residents to distribute solar energy-
Camp lights--
Let the women in the camp decide where they should be placed.
During a visit to Camp Corel, the temporary buildings built by the United Nations provided shelter for 250 families displaced by the earthquake, and we met with some women and girls, they felt safe at night because the camp had no electricity and lighting.
There is no place for children to study and read at night.
Thanks to the support of the United Nations Foundation, Music relief and other donors, the United Nations installed emergency lights at key locations in the camp.
When I asked a young girl named Jessica how she learned at night, her eyes lit up and she replied, \"La Lumiere!
\"A boy named Will said that before dawn, everyone stayed in their own cabin after sunset.
Now the children have a place to get together with friends.
As we drove away from the camp, we crossed another UN camp where the children gathered.
So far, 200 lights have been installed in the camp.
But much more is needed than that.
That\'s why relief music at Lincoln Park, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, raised money for solar lighting.
2004 following the Indian Ocean tsunami, members of the band at Lincoln Park created a non-profit organization \"Music rescue\", which is helping the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation to provide solar street lights at the camp to ensure the safety of women and girls at night.
Lincoln Park decided to work with the United Nations because rebuilding after such a serious disaster requires continuous investment, not just investment --
Time to inject funds.
The United Nations has been in Haiti for many years. -
Long after Haiti disappears from the headlines, the United Nations will still help the country get back on its feet in Haiti.
It will cost about $2,000 to purchase, transport and install a solar street light.
Our goal is to send 100 lights to the camp in Haiti.
It is easy to help Downloadtodonate.
Org and as an extra bonus, those who donate will be able to download dozens of special tracks from top artists.
Please keep an eye on the new video of Lincoln Park song \"Not Alone\", which is included in the collection to illustrate the progress that Haiti is making and the huge demand that still exists.
After meeting with women and girls today and learning about the challenges they face every day, it is more important than ever to do what we can to shine for Haitian women and girls.
It is estimated that 43% of households in Haiti are headed by women.
With the reconstruction of Haiti and the transfer of people from tents and tarps to more stable shelters, we must support women\'s employment and promote the health and education of girls.
At the same time, solar street lights will make it safer for women and girls who work hard in the tent city of Haiti.
So open up the music, get inspiration and take action for Haiti.
If each of us does our part, we can shine together on the future for women and girls.
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