The relationship between LED street lamp power, lamp pole height and road width

by:Road Smart     2020-04-13
One. Common led street lamps replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps w number comparison table: Note: The specific replacement power also needs to be determined according to the actual road conditions and Party A's requirements. II. Comparison table of commonly used w numbers and lamp pole heights for solar street lamps: Note: This table is for reference only; The specific application also needs to be determined according to the lighting duration and rainy days; III. Lighting standards for roads: according to the provisions of the 'design standards for urban road lighting': the average illumination of expressways is 20lx and the uniformity is 0. 4. The average illuminance of the main road is 15lx and the uniformity is 0. 35, the average illuminance of the secondary trunk road is 8lx, and the uniformity is 0. 35, the average illuminance of the branch is 5lx, and the uniformity is 0. 3. Note: This is the illuminance standard for high pressure sodium lamps, and there is no uniform standard for LED street lamps in China. Specific reference to local standards. Key words: Solar street lamp price.
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