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Tips for installing solar street light


For many cities and rural areas, the infrastructure such as the power supply network is far from complete. Installing city electrical power street lights requires complicated engineering work, and it is usually accompanied by high maintenance and power supply costs. solar street light with lithium battery can provide clean and efficient new energy lighting. Its integrated structure and small-size component further reduce the construction and maintenance costs. Urban and rural construction is a systematic and comprehensive project, in which solar lighting products play a very important role. Road Smart solar led street lights not only aim to bring high-quality lights to people's night travel and activities, but also put effort to make lighting products look fashionable and durable. With its unique cost advantages, technical advantages and environmental advantages, integrated solar street lights play an irreplaceable role in green lighting and are widely used around the world. However, It is still common that some construction contractors make mistakes when installing solar street lights. Here are four basic tips people can refer to:

1. According to road direction, determine light source position to ensure the maximum illumination area of the road surface

2. Solar street lights must be installed in the unobstructed region with abundant light supply, and the solar panel should be adjusted towards the sun

3. Solar lamps should be kept away from heat sources as much as possible, which may have a bad effect on street lights lifespan

4. There should be no direct light source above the solar panel, otherwise, the luminaire control system will misidentify it as daytime light, resulting in no working at night

Road Smart-Tips For Installing Solar Street Light
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