Types of modern solar lawn lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-27
Led lawn lamp uses led as light source. led has long service life and can reach above 100000 hours. It is very suitable for solar lawn lamp. At present, many lawns use led and so on. Compared with other lamps, the cost performance is relatively high and the color can be controlled. Solar led lawn lamp is a new type of lawn lamp, at present, it is also a popular type. Different lawn architectural styles require different types of lawn lamps to be used together. When the user specifically chooses to use, it needs to start from the characteristics of the Lawn itself, the needs of the user, and the characteristics of the lawn lamp, in this way, a more suitable type of lawn lamp can often be selected. Lawn lamps can be seen everywhere, adding a unique visual scene to the green space due to their unique shape and soft light, it is widely used in green lawn belts in public places such as parks, Garden Villas, parking lots, commercial squares, etc. The solar lawn lamp consists of a solar cell module (Photoelectric plate), Super bright LED lamp (Light source) , Maintenance-free rechargeable battery, automatic control circuit, lamps and lanterns, etc. It mainly uses the energy of solar cells to work. Then the battery is the LED of the lawn lamp at night (Light emitting diode)Provide power. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, environmental protection, etc. The solar lawn lamp is an independent power generation system. It can independently convert solar energy into electric energy without the need for wire transmission. The main system components are photovoltaic system and power supply system. Solar lawn lamps and solar garden lamps are mainly used for decoration and lighting of gardens and lawns, and their main markets are concentrated in developed areas such as Europe and the United States. The traditional power supply method for laying cables improves the maintenance cost of lawns, is difficult to move after installation, has certain potential safety hazards, and needs to consume more electric energy, which is neither economical nor convenient. Solar lawn lamps have gradually replaced traditional lawn lamps due to their convenience, economy and safety, and have become the first choice for European and American Home courtyard decoration and lighting.
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