Waterproof treatment of solar courtyard lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-04-05
Nowadays, the gardens in every big community have become people's walking places after meals. Walking in the beautiful environment of the trail after a meal, in order to relieve the exhaustion of body and mind. Even if the night falls, you are not afraid, because there are solar courtyard lights to guide you. As a new energy source, solar energy meets the requirements of environmental protection life, and the popularization of solar courtyard lamps meets the lighting needs of major residential areas. However, in the use of many solar garden lamps, due to the negligence or irresponsibility of the manufacturer, the normal lighting or water inflow is not possible. Then, when the solar garden lamps enter the water, what kind of waterproof treatment should we do? In order to improve the waterproof treatment of solar courtyard lamp controllers, a small method is proposed: most of the lamp controllers are installed in lampshades and battery boxes, and generally there is no water inflow, but there will be some in actual case projects, such: improper installation or the controller's circuit board did not have three anti-paint treatment, resulting in rainwater flowing into the solar street lamp controller along the terminal external wiring of the controller, thus causing short circuit. Therefore, during construction, we should pay attention to bending the internal connecting line of the terminal of the controller into a 'U' shape and fixing it, the connection line exposed to the outside should also be fixed in a 'U' shape to ensure that the controller will not be short-circuited due to rain, or waterproof glue should be applied to the interface of the inside and outside lines. The above is about the waterproof treatment of solar garden lamps. In actual use of solar garden lamps, some irresponsible manufacturers use relevant components that are not of good quality in order to reduce costs, not designed according to requirements, reducing the use standard of battery panels and batteries, so there will be water in the controller. The waterproof performance of the solar controller is good, so as to ensure the normal lighting work of the solar courtyard lamp, and also avoid the hidden safety hazards caused by the short circuit caused by the water. Of course, it is also very important to choose a good solar street lamp manufacturer.
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